Media Maven and  Radio Female of the Year award winner, Anita Erskine has earned a nod of influence on Social Media.

Her twitter account, @theanitaerskine, has been ranked among the top 100 to follow for African Aid and Development.

Ahead of the Aid and Development Africa Summit in 2018, the Aid International Development Forum (AIDF)  created this list of the Top 100 Twitter Accounts to follow in African aid and development, which comprises of 50 humanitarian leaders and 50 organizations all working to advance Sustainable Development Goals in Africa.

Anita Erskine shares this prestigious space with Bill Gates (@BillGates), Melinda Gates ) @MelindaGates, UN Secretary-General António Guterres (@antonioguterres), featured amongst the 50 best individual Twitter accounts to follow. Whilst the Sustainable Development Goals Fund (@SDGFund), Farmerline (@farmerline), Médecins Sans Frontières East Africa (@MSFNairobi) and the World Health Organisation African Region (@WHOAFRO) are amongst top 50 organizations to follow.

‘I have always insisted on using my social media space to create impact. Much like what I may do on radio and television, Twitter is my channel to reach out to the world. Africa is an emerging market so it is very important for me communicate our efforts to the World. And I do so unapologetically.” Says Anita  Erskine.

Anita Erskine’s work as an advocate for Women in Entrepreurship, Girls Education, Maternal Health and social welfare for displaced families is becoming a powerful movement single handedly created and funded by the multi talented media maven.


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