Roland and I have been married for ten years without a child. I’ve already had six (6) miscarriages and three (3) still births but my husband unlike the regular typical Ghanaian man stood by my side through it all.

In our sixth year of marriage, I employed the services of a house maid through the assistance of an agency to help run the domestic affairs of our visibly big house in our absence. Matilda (the maid) did a really great job to the astonishment of Roland and myself hence, the insane decision to permanently keep her! I trusted this lady with my life, my money and even my husband but she never gave me any reason to ever doubt her authenticity.

Tilly as I fondly addressed her hails from Odumase Krobo in the eastern region of Ghana. With her visibly wide hips and perfect set of white teeth, it would be impossible for any man of this era to walk past her without taking a second glance and little did I know that my very own husband had fallen prey to this beauty of a predator.

Roland was a serial entrepreneur whose normal closing time was 5:30pm but due to some reasons unknown to me, he started coming home at 2pm; on the other hand, I was a banker who never got home till after 7pm each day. The bond between the two got visibly tighter and I had no cause to worry because Tilly was my very own trusted employee, at least that’s what I thought till I realized what had been going on for four years behind my back.

My house help started showing signs of possible pregnancy in the seventh (7th) year of our marriage which prompted me to question her on the fatherhood of the unborn child. She responded, “Kofi Boateng (the security man next door) is the father. Madam, please I didn’t know how to tell you and boss about the affair.”  I immediately informed my husband about it who asked that I sent her away immediately; with some cash, and a fully furnished single room self contained apartment at North Kaneshie, we sent Tilly away one weekend to her new abode which was fully paid for by Roland.

Two months after the birth of the twin baby girls, I noticed a sharp resemblance between them and my darling husband but kept it to myself. Fast forward, my husband, after facing intense pressure from Tilly’s family (unknown to me) to marry their child, confessed to being the father of the twin girls…What a blow! He further explained how it all happened and asked for forgiveness and in addition agree to him bringing Tilly into our home as the second wife.

What do I do?

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By: Nana Yaa Asabea// send your views to // instagram: @naya_233// facebook: Nana Yaa Asabea

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