His Silent Sins

The actions of a man are but only the extension of his thoughts.

The lone traveled road, the whispers in his ears, is the silent sins held with the solitude of the voice shared only in his head.


Is a man liberated to be and live beyond his thinking?

Albeit, he cannot live above his thoughts, he can live above himself.

And nothing stops him.

Except in his vainglory, emptiness in his veins will remain pouring.

A man cannot rise above his thoughts; he is his thinking and his thoughts are him.

Except it is a dream he is having.


Can a man live at the other side of a mirror?

Nothing stops him.

But a man cannot prove to you someone he is not.

If he is good, he is good.

Except he is a good liar, then you won’t be able to tell his truth from the lie.

Even if he tells the lie, it is sweet and counts as good.

Then you know that’s the man, he cannot prove to you above that.

Withal! How can you tell?

Truth cannot stay hidden forever in the shadow of the moon.

The sun will shine when the time is right and then your guess is as good as mine.



A man may have enough yet still seek more.

Nothing hinders his path.

Except it moves from a wish into an act of a beseeching witch.

In his greed for more, his back will be away from the wall.

His path is lit with gravitating things then he will forget to look before he slips.

Few steps ahead lay an abyss and he shall fall but it will be late to have his last wish; that that abyss could have been just a shallow ditch.


A man can have all he wants; inclusive those not his.

Nothing bars him.

Except that the pleasure will lie at the tip and time has an abundant bit.

Forbidden fruit has always tasted the sweetest but when time catches up, he is the only one on the leash.


A man owns his own demons.

In his irascibility, a place he is to visit less, makes him drawn into the pleasure of power.

A delusion, the low hanging fruit on the forbidden tree will let him stay under the casted shade of pettiness.

What a pitiful pity!


A man makes his choices.

The reality of its outcome tells whether or not he is wise or otherwise.

Not claiming the outcomes adorns him to be wise but his actions are ultimately his prize.


A man can only be influenced to make a choice by his own thoughts or by the man next to him.

But even that man next to him has always been the man himself.



Asford Psalms


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