A duly registered and authorised Gold dealership in Ghana, Menzgold Ghana Limited, the winner of the 2016 “Best Business Quality in Gold Assaying & Monumental Coins Industry Award” is rewarding its loyal customers with one week free trips to Dubai—an opportunity for everyone to enjoy the beauty of United Arab Emirates’ city.

This is not a competition where you would have to enter and count on your luck to emerge as a winner. It’s a loyalty reward for customers who are able to buy 250 pounds of Gold from Menzgold–so the moment you make the required purchase, you’ve secured a free one week trip for two to Dubai.

As the year heads to an end, the company which has had a successful year, marked by its increased customer base and the opening of new branches in and outside Ghana has decided to reward its customers with a trip that would serve valuable memories.

It’s that simple; just buy the required 250 pounds of Gold chips from Menzgold and you would comfortably be on a flight to Dubai, alongside any person of your choice.

A few weeks ago, Menzgold introduced a new gold product onto the Ghanaian market which has been widely accepted.

The product, called GOLD ORIENTED SALES AND PURCHASE PRODUCT is super flexible and profitable—aimed at giving the various old and new customers ample room and extra flexibility in trading their gold, with the company serving as a reliable intermediary.

The new product provides a perfect opportunity for Menzgold’s customers to make substantial profits from the gold market by swiftly and smoothly trading their purchased gold at a guaranteed 10 percent above purchased price.

The GOLD ORIENTED SALES AND PURCHASE PRODUCT has replaced the Gold Vault Market. But similar to the now obsolete Gold Vault Market, the new product is unique and comes with added benefits.

Menzgold Ghana Limited is committed to putting smiles on the faces of its loyal customers and the general public and build a formidable business partnership that will be mutually beneficial.




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