A thoroughly entertaining edition of broadcaster Bola Ray’s Starr Chat radio show, saw popular Ghanaian boxers Braimah Kamoko (Bukom Banku) and Bastie Samir “clash again” after their historic October 21 bout.

The hugely attended cruiserweight non-title match saw Bukom Banku’s undefeated record broken as he was subdued in Round 7 by Bastie’s ferocious roll of punches at the Bukom Boxing arena last Saturday. The fight was also graced by key connoisseurs as firmer champions Ike Quartey and Azumah Nelson.

On the show, both boxers recounted the historic night, as well as other aspects of their lives as their childhood, their shared love for music, and admiration for each other in what the EIB boss called one of his best interviews ever.

Banku admitted to Bastie “The Beast’ being the better athlete on the night, and appealed for a rematch to redeem himself. While nothing is official yet concerning the possible rematch, there are strong indications that it may come off in Bastie’s native Tamale.

Bukom Banku (who also refers to himself as “African Mayweather)’s professional record stands at 29-1, while Bastie (team captain of Ghana’s national team Black Bombers)‘s stands at 16-0.

See images of the interview below:

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