The Chief Executive Officer of the Korle-Bu Teaching Hospital, Dr. Felix Anyah, and his two daughters, both of whom are doctors, have donated much needed medical supplies and equipment to the Hospital to help alleviate some of its myriad challenges.

Dr. Anyah’s two daughters, Emefa Anyah-Lartey and Dzifa Anyah-Nani, donated anesthesia worth Ghc 30,000 to the hospital to combat a shortfall in the all-important drug.

Anesthetics are used to put people under before surgery is carried out, and a shortage at the nation’s premier hospital had led to rationing of surgeries, causing numerous complications. In response, the two doctors presented the donation which would undoubtedly lead to massive relief for the hospital and its patients.

Their donation also included a water pump.

Explaining the rationale behind the donation, Emefa Anyah said that having been trained by Korle-Bu, they felt a need to address the challenge when they heard of it.

“When we heard that there was a shortage in supply in the anesthesia department in Korle-Bu, and seeing as my sister and I were trained in this very institution, it was a major concern to us because when it comes to things like anesthesia and surgery, it’s very critical; and you never know when a relative of yours or yourself will be on the receiving end of the healthcare system,” she said.

Head of Korle-Bu’s anesthetic department, Dr. Robert Dzagbletey, said the donation was timely and would lead to many lives being saved.

Dr. Anyah himself also donated motorcycles to the security wing of the hospital, to help in patrolling the hospital and tightening security.


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