Before you start assuming the worst of me, let me first say that I’m not condoning unnecessary break ups amongst couples. Every relationship oriented article/story is in usually in two phases, i.e. negative and positive. So I’d humbly advice that you choose the right angle of understanding from this and apply to your daily lives.

So now, how would you define a man? I’d say they are the most complicated, interesting, indecisive, extremely annoying yet sweetest baby-like species God ever created. Majority of them come with the same old regular and expected packages and labels, i.e. player, cheat, insensitive, selfish, untrustworthy (who form the official association of “team hit and run”)… you know the list is endless; the remaining minority constitute the decent, serious minded, selfless, caring and “ready-to commit” kind of dudes who would go to any length to fight, defend and keep the woman they love. So ladies, before you take the three easy steps below into consideration, make sure you know they criteria your

Okay enough of the running in circles! If you happen to find yourself in some sort of entangled thingy with a man and you’re looking for a way for him to end it all with you, just observe the steps below:

  1. DON’T BE HIS PEACE, JUST NAG CONTINUOUSLY OVER EVERYTHING nagging nagging nagging! Would that b*** ever stop? I mean that’s one thing God blessed all women with; to be natural nags but once it exceeds the dosage required for every man, they begin to withdraw and break communication. Men always need their peace even when they’re doing the most unfair things to their women. A man would disrespectfully cheat on his woman in her face and would still expect there to be smiles at home. Unnecessary and continuous nagging is the easiest way to kill man’s joy and drive him away from you. So if you wanna lose that man by your side and you’re reading this, just keep the unnecessary nags coming in.


  1. TELL LIES IN HIS FACE LIKE YOU’RE ALLERGIC TO THE TRUTH – A man’s EGO is as important to him as his money and in as much as most men aren’t speakers and doers of the truth, they despise the idea of being lied to. Telling lies to a man is the easiest way to bruise his EGO and once that’s done without making an attempt to make him feel better but is rather forced to swallow down huge chunks of lies without remorse, he’ll walk away without a trace. Men hate to be continuously lied to!


  1. STOP GIVING HIM YOUR ATTENTION AND COUNT HIM AN UNPRODUCTIVE MEMBER OF YOUR LIFE – Men oh Men! They’re equal to huge adult sized babies walking around like they got it all figured out! But truth is they don’t. They always love to feel important and play the role key advisors in the lives of their women (calling the shots) If you’re looking for a way to have your man walk out of your life, stop giving him the regular attention as a partner and treat him like a total stranger. Reduce the number of calls from daily to weekly or even monthly (in worst cases), air his calls, and don’t involve him in the process of any important situation in your life. Reduce communication to just random text messages and just make sure those are straight cold texts. Once this is done, they’d begin to slowly adapt to the situation and walk away because they’ve been reduced to unproductive personalities in your love life (neither adding nor subtracting nothing).


If you practice these amongst others and your man continues to stay by your side… he’s a keeper!

BY: Nana Yaa Asabea

If you have any other points besides these, kindly share with me below or via instagram: @naya_233// email: facebook: Nana Yaa Asabea



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