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Hennessy Global ambassador Guillaume de Guiteau interacts with Ghanaian media!



Guillaume de Guiteau, Hennessy cognac house brand ambassador, paid a 2-day visit to the shores of Ghana, during which time a customer training session, media networking event and exclusive master class were held.

During the events, de Guiteau elaborated on the process of cognac production—from the creation of the alcohol, its aging in barrels of French oak, pouring it from one barrel to another, tasting rules and also revealed the secrets of blending.

For the tasting with journalists, Hennessy cognac house brand ambassador Guillaume de Guiteau chose three well-known Hennessy cognacs: V.S. (Very Special), V.S.O.P. (Very Superior Old Pale) and X.O. (Extra Old), through tasting and exchange of opinions the participants recognized and uncovered the real mystery of Hennessy.

Legend of world cognac production Hennessy House is one of the single companies, which evolved to world brand from family business, and for more than 2 centuries it’s considered creator and transmitter of world cognac making traditions.

Introducing history of the Hennessy house, ambassador Guillaume de Guiteau tells that history of famous cognac making originated in 1765, when during the army service of Luis XV, Richard Hennessy from Ireland was lucky to taste brandy produced in French city of Cognac. After the service, Hennessy moved to France and founded his small business in Cognac. Thus, Hennessy gives a new type of alcoholic drink to the world, named “cognac”.

“Anyone from the Hennessy dynasty, who inherited this business and possessed its secrets, is in love with the job and passes from generation to generation to his/her heirs. In fact, this is a complicated and responsible process, to comprehend which it’s enough to know that to maintain the exclusive taste and quality. Seven specialists gather in the same place every day, sit on the same chair and test 40-50 types of cognac a day” Guillaume de Guiteau told reporters.

Providing details on the ritual of Hennessy cognac making, Guillaume de Guiteau introduced the magic stages of cognac making.

“Firstly, the primary juicy grapes are being selected, wine made of which we pour into huge copper containers meant for distillation. Only after the stage of distillation and at least after 2 years of ageing, the spirit may be a part of Hennessy cognac.

The next stage of brandy making is ageing,

Ageing of Hennessy cognacs is a long process, in many cases lasting from decades to centuries. Cognac spirits are kept in semi-dark cellars of Hennessy House, matures in barrels necessarily made of French oak.”

“Every second a bottle of Hennessy is being consumed in the world, and every year cognac, a quantum – equal to 5 million bottles, vanishes in the air from the barrels. This share the French consider “share for angels,” that’s why angels are so kind and happy. I promise, after tasting you’ll have the feeling of angels,” Guillaume de Guiteau said.

After tasting the three prominent types of Hennessy, Guillaume de Guiteau proposed reporters enjoying fruit cocktails prepared on cognac basis, also noting that the brandy may be used with ice as well, which provides the opportunity to uncover quite new shades of its flavor.

Basic principles of Hennessy House are respect towards traditions and striving to changes. The spirit of Hennessy House which undergoes neither time nor circumstances, and original symbol of wealthy heritage of this dynasty is the “Founder’s cell.” Here each of cognac spirits has at least 50 and some of them—100 and more years of ageing. The oldest one has been made during Richard Hennessy—in 1798.

Asked about choosing the best cognac, Hennessy brand ambassador replied jokingly,

“Those enriched by chance and comparatively recently, as a rule, prefer having the strongest and the most expensive cognac in their houses, meanwhile sincere consumer, seeking for real taste, will necessarily look for and find his/hers.”

Guillaume de Guiteau was appointed as Hennessy cognac house brand ambassador in 2016. He devoted 20 years of his career to Hennessy brand. He has headed Hennessy since 1995, then he was the head of public relations department of Moët Hennessy, and in the period of recent 5 years— Moët Hennessy risk assessor.


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This year’s Ghana UK Based Achievement (GUBA) Awards is slated for Saturday 14th July 2018, at InterContinental Hotel in London. Ahead of the highly sought-after event, nominations have been open across 11 categories.

Inaugurated in Porchester Hall in October 2010,  the scheme, which has seen such prestigious persons as actor Idris Elba, Fuse ODG, veteran boxer Azumah Nelson, as well as EIB boss Bola Ray all awarded for their contribution across various spectrums.

The categories include Made in Ghana Award, Efie Ne Fie Award, Innovation & Technology Award, Leisure & Tourism Award, Sustainable Agriculture Award, Humanitarian Award, Ghanaian Association of the Year Award, Charity of the Year Award, Rising Star Award, Professional of the Year Award, and Student Achiever of the Year Award.

CEO of GUBA Enterprise Mrs Dentaa Amoateng MBE, submitted the following regarding the importance of the nomination process:

“The call for nominations is a crucial part of the GUBA Awards. The process allows for the public to have their say and bring forth a wide array of talented and deserving individuals. I urge everyone to participate in this process, to bring to light the talents that go unrecognised.”

This year, nominations can be filed via between March 20 to April 10, 2018.


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Africa is considered and referred to as the “Sun continent.” According to the World Sunshine Map, Africa receives many more hours of bright sunshine and heat during the course of the year than any other continent of the Earth; many of the sunniest places on the planet lie here. Despite Africa’s large solar potential, the number of people who have access to electricity is still very low.

In Ghana, about 29% of the population is still not connected to the national grid; with solar energy capacity making up a little over 0.03% which is mostly found in private homes, the country is still considered dark with relatively high electricity costs.

The current state of our energy sector requires revision and swift action to curb the energy crisis in the country. But to do this, it is prudent for stakeholders and industry players to employ new thinking juxtaposed with new technologies. The traditional approach of simply expanding national grids to connect the last mile is too expensive and will take too much time and will do little to solve the problem, which is projected to compound as the population grows.

An encouraging trend is the emergence of solar energy as a viable option to provide electricity to even the most far-flung areas. The first is the installation of independent rooftop solar panels in homes and business premises and the possible integration of mini-grids with backup systems are the approaches currently available.

SunPower Innovations LTD is an indigenous solar energy company that installs reliable, efficient and affordable solar power systems for residential and commercial businesses across the country. The Founder and CEO, Ernest E. Amissah believes that Ghana’s energy crisis can be solved if solar systems are firmly adopted by the government by ensuring that policies concerning grid tied solutions (net metering) with ECG (Electricity Corporation of Ghana) the biggest distributor of energy in the country work in the interest of varied solar energy off takers.  He further stated that if nothing is done about the port charges on Photovoltaic balance of systems (BOS) the capital expenditure for solar systems would increasingly rise even though it is falling very fast in developed markets.

SunPower Innovations LTD is a fast growing solar EPC in the energy industry in Ghana and Nigeria.  The company’s effort to install Tier 1 panels and balance of systems to the highest engineering standards has brought it credible off takers like

Aqua Safari Resort, Alisa Swiss Spirit Hotel, Total Ghana LTD, CalBank LTD, Special Ice LTD and Local Government Secretariat Service. Despite the resistance to change and new technologies and fairly high cost of installation of solar energy, the 25 years life span of panels and inverters and the long-term economic benefit of shedding off about 30-80% of a customer’s electricity bill, is incomparable.  The resistance to change and new technologies, the cost of installation and maintenance are but a few of the reasons why many are yet to embrace solar systems. However, statistically speaking, in the long run, solar is relatively cheaper, safer and economically viable as a developing nation.

Therefore the benefits of solar should motivate Ghanaians, especially the government to embrace the emergence of solar energy and make it an integral component of every domestic and commercial project. Ultimately, the emission free advantage of solar is vital than all the economic factors discussed because the effects of green house gases is more dire than discussed in Ghana.


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Wezzou launches “Chop-box Service”



WEZZOU Ghana Limited, an emerging online platform that sells and delivers high-quality grocery packages has launched a Chop-box service with the aim of delivering provisions to students in the convenience of their hostel and dormitories.

The Wezzou Chop-box Service is designed to help boarding students in JHS and SHS get their essential supplies in school quicker, conveniently and at an affordable price paid for by their parents using digital payment platforms.

Speaking at the launch of the product in Accra last Wednesday, Miss Pamela Agba, Managing Director of Wezzou said technology has changed and continues to change everything in the world of today; from education, learning, doing business and providing for the needs of loved ones.

“Today Door-to-Door services and online platforms have brought goods, consumers, payment and product delivery closer than ever before.”

She said in their bid to innovate and take advantage of the technology space, Wezzou has found the need to address the challenges of grocery shopping for students in various educational institutions.

“It is on record that majority of students break bounds and sneak out of school under the pretense of getting food or buying provisions due to shortages and thus exposing themselves to unforeseen risks of accidents, theft and bad company.”

The Chop-box Service is, therefore, an innovative approach to problem solving where both customers and consumers (students) are very much assured of our timely delivery, quality products, discounted prices and excellent customer service, Miss Agba noted.

She added that the service among others things seeks to be a stress free and risk-free alternative for Guardians to provide for the upkeep of their wards, whilst cutting cost and the time associated with commuting to provide groceries.

“Our groceries come in packs – Aseda for 100, Nhyira for 185, Adom for 230, and Adepa for 400, we, therefore, help parents decide on a regular basis what food items can be supplied to their wards.

“We know how busy life can get and how easily one can run out of grocery just when they need them, Wezzou is not just for students but for homes as well.”

Miss Agba told Business Finder that packages can be delivered to any school within 24 hours after purchase.

Ms Cassandra Twum Ampofo, Head of the Public Relations Unit of the Ghana Education Service (GES) who represented the Minister for Education, Mr Matthew Opoku Prempeh, said technology continues to change lives on daily basis and it has become important for rapid adaptation.

She said the needs and demands of modern day living particularly in urban areas were such that taking provisions to one’s ward in school can no more be taken for granted.

“I am confident that this service will provide the vital service particularly in our boarding schools and make life much easier and convenient for both parents and students.”

She noted that students need time and peace to concentrate on their studies and, therefore, services that would enable them to do so were welcomed.

She encouraged technology providers to continue challenging themselves to develop tools that can ease lives in our ever changing society and Ghana cannot afford to miss out on these exciting developments

She congratulated Wezzou for their innovative and exiting product and promised that GES would support the initiative.



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University of Central Oklahoma hosts educational seminar in Accra, Kumasi



One of the leading universities in the United States of America, University of Oklahoma (UCO), will hold two seminars in Accra and Kumasi on March 21st and 23rd respectively.

Officials from the institution will be visiting Ghana from March 19 ahead of the two events, which they have dubbed ‘Study in USA’.

Admission to the event is free, and is expected to attract hundreds of people, who are willing to make informed postgraduate and masters’ decisions.

UCO is well respected, offering 140 undergraduate degrees, which run for a period of four years as well as some 60 graduate degrees. The graduate degree programs run for a period of one and a half or two years.

Both events will take place at the British Council offices in the respective regions at 10am.

As part of the seminar, officials would conduct interviews for prospective candidates and offer on-the-spot admissions to qualified students.

Prospective Ghanaian students are to benefit from a discount of up to $5,000 off their tuition fee per year, officials say.

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Wa Poly Graduate gets head start in adult life winning a ‘Piece of Ghana’ in Guinness Promotion



The Nation’s favorite stout, Guinness, has rewarded the first winner in the on-going ‘Win a Piece of Ghana’ promotion, with a plot of land at the prestigious Appolonia City.

The promo, which was launched on 1st March 2018, seeks to reward 16 loyal Guinness drinkers over a period of 16 weeks with plots of land in Appolonia City.

At the end of the first draw, Mr. Alban Maali, from Lawra in the Upper West Region, a Graduate from Wa Polytechnic, emerged as a winner and is now a proud owner of a plot of land at Appolonia city in Accra.

Alban Maali said as he received his prize, “I can’t believe that I am now a land owner in Appolonia City. I started drinking Guinness when I was 21 and now I am 25. The code is 2125. I think that was a sign. I am so grateful to Guinness for this opportunity to be independent. This promo is real and ought to be attempted by eligible Ghanaians for actual progress.”

At a colourful event held at Guinness Ghana Breweries Limited offices in Accra, Marketing Manager for Guinness, Lesego Lebogang Babe, said “as part of Ghana’s 61st independence celebration, we launched this promo to give our loyal Guinness drinkers a taste of independence by owning a plot of land, their very own piece of Ghana”.

“I am very excited that in less than a week since the promo launched, we have had over 200,000 entries, which is a clear sign that Ghanaians have a strong belief in Guinness, the campaign and the feeling of independence,” she added.

She explained that the promotion was one of the brand’s way of celebrating independence with Ghanaians and to also show appreciation to its consumers for their years of loyalty.

Mrs. Lesego Lebogang Babe indicated that there are 15 plots of land yet to be won during the promotion.

Apart from land, the promo which is expected to run until 30th June 2018, also offers Guinness consumers an opportunity to win millions of instant prizes including airtime and data.

On the mechanics, she explained that, people should look out for the limited edition ‘GHANAIAN’ Guinness FES bottles. When they are enjoying their Guinness they should simply look under the crown and SMS the code to 2125to stand a chance to win a plot of land.  She emphasized that this year’s limited edition bottle has never been done before and is a bold move by the brand to truly celebrate the independent and bold spirit of Ghanaians. We want consumers to love and drink from this beautiful GH bottle because it celebrates what makes them uniquely Ghanaian.

She added that winners of the land will be announced weekly by Guinness, and that consumers can find all the latest news about the promotion on the Guinness Facebook page,

Guinness is a bold, distinctive beer that has been proudly brewed here in Ghana for over 57 years.  It is an iconic beer that isn’t afraid to express itself, a beer that has the darkest liquid, but the brightest flavours.





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5-Star Compact SUV with Ease! The Jaguar E-PACE debuts



A launch to officially introduce the new Jaguar E-PACE into Sub Saharan Africa, has taken place in Johannesburg, South Africa.

The new Jaguar E-PACE is a five-seat compact SUV that packs the design and performance of a Jaguar sports car into a spacious, practical and connected all-wheel-drive vehicle.

Trademark Jaguar driving characteristics and stirring design put the brand’s sports car DNA in a practical design packed with advanced technologies. The E-PACE, the newest member of Jaguar’s SUV family following the F-PACE performance SUV and I-PACE Concept all-electric SUV, takes design inspiration from the F-TYPE sports car.

The exterior design is characterised by the distinctive Jaguar grille, muscular proportions, short overhangs and powerful haunches while optional 21-inch alloy wheels give the E-PACE a bold and purposeful stance, instantly communicating dynamic agility. Jaguar sports car DNA is also evident in the fast sweep of the roofline and the distinctive side window graphic.

Finbar McFall, Global Product Marketing Director, Jaguar Land Rover, said:

 “Demand for SUVs and Crossovers is growing, particularly in China, with the market predicted to increase globally by 23% by 2020. Jaguar is at the forefront of this demand with our expanding PACE family of SUVs. We are attracting incremental customers – typically couples and young families – who are used to being connected and want practicality and stand-out design. E-PACE delivers on all three counts.”

Digital connectivity can be found throughout the cabin, ready for every need of the modern family. There are up to four 12-volt charging points and five USB connections.

The E-PACE has exceptional interior space. The compact SUV is 4,395mm long with short front and rear overhangs of 882mm and 832mm respectively. Its 2,681mm wheelbase seats five in absolute comfort and yields a generous rear legroom of 892mm while the large luggage capacity of 577 litres is made possible by the vehicle’s sophisticated Integral Link rear suspension architecture.

Under the bonnet, E-PACE is endowed with a range of powerful and efficient Ingenium petrol and diesel engines. The 221kW Ingenium petrol turbo engine powers E-PACE from 0-100km/h in just 6.4 seconds, before reaching an electronically-limited top speed of 243km/h. E-PACE doesn’t sacrifice performance for efficiency – customers can opt for the 110kW Ingenium diesel engine, which returns economy of just 5.6 litres per 100km.

Every E-PACE is equipped with all-wheel drive and a nine-speed automatic transmission, and high-output models are also available with Active Driveline – a technological first for Jaguar. This intelligent set-up combines phenomenal traction with Jaguar’s unmistakable rear-wheel-drive character. The system’s torque-biasing capability delivers optimal stability, dynamics and fuel efficiency in all conditions.

New chassis hardware, including the Integral Link rear suspension layout, has allowed Jaguar’s engineers to maximise interior space and deliver the responsiveness and agility required without compromising ride comfort.

Every E-PACE features the latest generation of Jaguar’s Touch Pro infotainment system as standard. Natural voice control technology, a 10-inch touchscreen interface and a customisable home screen make interactions with the system quick, simple and highly intuitive.

An optional 12.3-inch full colour digital TFT instrument panel and choice of two premium audio systems developed with Meridian put the E-PACE on a par with vehicles from the class above when it comes to interior technology. Also available is a next-generation Thin-Film Transistor (TFT) Head-Up Display technology.

The E-PACE is also the only vehicle in its segment available with an innovative wearable Activity Key, allowing the driver to lock the main key inside the vehicle when enjoying outdoor pursuits such as running or cycling.

Standard specification on each E-PACE includes the Touch Pro infotainment system, LED headlights and a rear-view camera system, as well as advanced driver assistance systems including Cruise Control and Speed Limiter, and Front and Rear Parking Aid.

The E-PACE is available with Standard, S, SE and HSE specification packs, in core or R-Dynamic body styles. Customers have a choice of two diesel engines, with outputs of 110kW and 132kW, and two petrol engines, producing 183kW and 221kW, respectively.

The Jaguar E-PACE is now available in Jaguar’s sub-Sahara Africa markets.

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