What is your absolute favourite film of all time? The one that opened your eyes, tugged at your heartstring and made your soul leap with joy you were born in the golden age of cinema? Is there a stack of fantastic features your like-minded friends and family have been raving about, which you’re sad to admit you haven’t seen YET?  You now can tick off all the films you still need to watch or enjoy again before it’s time to kick the bucket!

M-Net and MultiChoice have created yet another exciting movie pop-up channel as a special treat to DStv Premium customers. Between Thursday 30th October and 2nd December, the M-Net Movies Bucket List pop-up channel will count down 100 popular and iconic Hollywood movies to see before you die.

This selection of fine films and all-time favourites will be showcased on DStv’s channel 109 with the first of the 100 movies scheduled for just after 4pm on Thursday 30th October. Thereafter, the countdown will continue all the way to the number 1 main attraction on Saturday 2 December at 6:30pm. Depending on the duration and age-restrictions of these films, the daily countdown will kick off on weekdays at approximately 4pm and on weekends just before or after 2pm.

To get a nod for the coveted M-Net Movies Bucket List, compiled by an expert team of film fanatics, a movie had to be entrenched in popular culture, define an era, shift mediums, uproot the status quo, delight a variety of audiences, impress critics worldwide and can reignite your love for movies.

“Our themed pop-up channels such as the Star Wars, Harry Potter, Fast & Furious and James Bond channels have been huge hits and we promised to continue curating unique experiences for our M-Net Movies audiences,” says Cecil Sunkwa Mills, General Manager, MultiChoice Ghana “With the M-Net Movie Bucket List we’re taking the pop-up concept to the next level. Never have viewers been able to see so many magnificent game-changing movies in one place over such a short time.”

While M-Net Movies will share the titles from #100 to #11 on its programming schedules, the Top 10 films on the list will be a top secret. This means that the final films on the M-Net Movies Bucket List will only be revealed to DStv customers on the day of the screening, so you will have to be sure to tune in to channel 109 on the day it airs.

“Keeping hush about these titles just adds to the excitement of this once-in-a-lifetime movie compilation. We all have our own bucket lists based on our own taste and we believe it will be great fun for movie fans to compare notes and see whether their favourites have made it onto the pop-up channel.”

The Bucket List Bonus features will comprise additional classics which can’t be ignored but which will appeal to niche audiences. Among these titles are vintage silver screen darlings that were ground-breaking at their time, like Mary Poppins, Casablanca and Breakfast at Tiffany’s.

The M-Net Movies Bucket List schedule (prior to the Top 10) will be published at www.mnet.tv you can also consult the EPG (Electronic Programming Guide) or catch up on the films you’ve missed on DStv Catch Up Plus.

If the day’s countdown doesn’t start at exactly 4pm or 2pm M-Net will communicate start times on social media https://www.facebook.com/MNet



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