Menzgold Ghana Limited, the winners of the 2016 “Best Business Quality in Gold Assaying & Monumental Coins Industry Award” have introduced a new gold product onto the Ghanaian market.

The product, called GOLD ORIENTED SALES AND PURCHASE PRODUCT, introduced by the trusted and leading Ghanaian Gold dealership is super flexible and profitable—aimed at giving the various old and new customers ample room and extra flexibility in trading their gold, with the company serving as a reliable intermediary.

The new product provides a perfect opportunity for Menzgold’s customers to make substantial profits from the gold market by swiftly and smoothly trading their purchased gold at a guaranteed 10 percent above purchased price.

The GOLD ORIENTED SALES AND PURCHASE PRODUCT replaces the Gold Vault Market. But similar to the now obsolete Gold Vault Market, the new product is unique and comes with added benefits.


  1. Simply place a purchasing order of gold for every 5 pound plus, with full payment plus commission of 40GHc per pound at Brew Marketing Consult.
  2. Brew Marketing Consult forwards your order to Menzgold Ghana Limited for the gold to be delivered within 14 days from the day of placing the order.
  3. Menzgold’s Gold Purchase Market shall be opened to the public in the last week of every calendar month.
  4. Anyone desirous of selling any gold-oriented product can walk into any of Menzgold’s offices to sell for 10% above the market price or if bought from Brew Marketing Consult, 10% above the purchased price. For spot purchase, clients can only purchase 1 to 4 pounds of gold with the inclusion of VAT.

Menzgold Ghana Limited is committed to putting smiles on the faces of its loyal customers and the general public and build a formidable business partnership that will be mutually beneficial.




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