I met this guy a couple years back and fell miserably in love with him. Regardless of the differences in our societal status, I still made sure Duke was comfortable in my company.

Soon, I introduced him to friends and family and ensured he was accepted by them all; not that I cared about their opinion but I just wanted my Duke to feel accepted and more at ease. I come from a very affluent background where everything was all about class and the ‘prim and proper’ codes of life but Duke on the other hand was from the third class society who had little or nothing to offer. My dad didn’t want me messing with any impoverished “mole-mole” boy (riff-raff) whose only agenda would be to get me pregnant without giving me the future tag (wedding ring) first so; I always ensured that Duke upgraded his appearance at least a class higher to win my parents approval. I mean, he had a job which earned him GHC 1000 a month so it wasn’t that bad.

We dated for close to three (3) years when I asked Duke when he intended on making me his wife. “Lina, you would have to give me some time to gather enough money so I can put the necessary arrangements in place to enable me walk you down the aisle.” He said, “Looking at the kind of family you’re from, I want to be able to be a good position to make you comfortable.” This was nothing but an excuse Naya. For some reasons I knew Duke was only with me because of my money but I wasn’t perturbed about that; I only wanted to be a ‘Mrs.’ and since I was already clocking 30, I felt I had no option but to rush it all out. My closest friends were all married and that put more than enough pressure on me to settle down immediately.

After a continuous discussion with Duke about the subject of marriage, he finally agreed under the condition that, I paid for all the wedding and honeymoon expenses to which I agreed; after all, “you know say money no be problem.” I gave Duke close to GHC 100,000 to create the fairy tale wedding (without the knowledge of my parents) I’ve always dreamed of.  Just like I presumed, the ceremony became the talk of the town and drove several ladies to envy! Our post wedding photos were the bomb and honestly caused quite a stir on social media for while. Yes! I was officially a married woman, a proud Mrs. Gyamfi. We moved to our newly built three (3) bedroom house which was given to us as a gift from my father but that was where reality began to dawn on me. Duke suddenly grew wings and never even tried to communicate with me effectively. He developed a new hobby of staying out till midnight before coming home to me, He abused me physically a lot of times and whenever I stood up for myself, he would make an attempt to leave our home for good. I no longer have a husband, I now have a roommate who never ceases to remind me of how desperate I was for marriage and how he only agreed to it out of sympathy… I’m totally shattered Naya because he keeps on getting worse.

In the name of love I sponsored my own wedding to be only treated like a non-entity! How do I get out of this?

From Facebook User: Lina (actual name withheld)

By: Nana Yaa Asabea

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