Popular Ghanaian actor Majid Michel  was on Starr FM’s personality programme Starr Chat yesterday, October 4, discussing his life and journey thus far.

The tell-all conversation his EIB boss and celebrated broadcaster Boa Ray saw him admit to masturbation,  the highest he has ever been paid for a movie, among other issues.

“I think that every adolescent has masturbated before,” Michel opined about the controversial topic of self-pleasure adding, “I feel guilty about it, I feel very dirty about it…there’s a lot of debate about masturbation being a sin or not but I think it’s a sin.

“There is nothing said about it in the bible, nowhere in the scripture…[but] it is a sin completely.”, he further stated.

He also disclosed that he charges a minimum of $15, 000 for each movie he currently stars in, adding that his biggest acting cheque was $35, 000.

Nicknamed shaker from the 90s TV series Things We Do for Love, the performer/ minister is alumnus of the Mfansipim School (Cape Coast), and has starred in about 50 movies in all. The 37- year old is a multiple-award winer and is married with three kids.

Listen to the entire conversation below:

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