UK-based Ghanaian duo Reggie N Bollie has tasked Jay Foley and Jeremie Van-Garshong to unearth an underground Ghanaian artiste to feature  on their upcoming album.

‘’You know what; it’s as if you are in our heads. You know what, it wouldn’t just be a feature, we will make sure like because we are looking for one or two people to sign from Ghana. There are very strong talents out here.

‘’Ok this is what we have to do, since this idea came from you (Jay Foley), and since we trust your music sense so much, we would like you to say  to us, that this is the guy/girl I am bringing in for you guys to feature’’

‘’It will be even nice after the song not to just leave it there but make sure that we help promote and unearth talents’’ Reggie added.

Reggie N Bollie made this known in an interview of the LIVE BREAKFAST CLUB on Live919fm with Jay Foley, Jeremie & Dj Lord.

When asked what brings them to Ghana, Bollie said ‘We are chosen as Tourism Ambassadors for the UK and Europe and we came for the inauguration which happened in Tamale. But all in all it was great, and we are really happy and honored to have this bestowed on us. We are ready to put in the hard work in the right way

Reggie added that being a Tourism Ambassador is all about projecting Ghana in the right way out there. We know in the UK, they make billions out of Tourism and it’s the same thing we would like to see Ghana achieve

The duo also indicated that their maiden album; yet to be named, is almost done but is yet to sign it off in agreement with the producers

They also said fans to watch out for the album release ‘before the end of the year’.



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