Considering the high volume of fashion designers that simultaneously emerge every year, it is too easy to miss a few. One brand that definitely deserves attention is CHAPTERS COUTURE.

When Chapters Couture introduced their “Phronesis” Black and White themed collection at the visually impaired fashion show in November 2016 to promote peace ahead of Ghana’s election, everyone in the audience astounded and thought the new collection was imminent. But then it never came — until now.

The new line of the collection already has patrons eager to own a piece because you have an opportunity to customise your outfit.

With this collection Chapters, Couture is continuing their work towards a more sustainable fashion future and closing the loop on African Fashion. The garments in the PHRONESIS collection are all made with more sustainable materials such as organic cotton and recycled cotton.

The name which is derived from an ancient Greek word, and more specifically, a type of intelligence relevant to practical things which promote excellence and astuteness, Phronesis is “birthed”.

“The fashion industry is growing rapidly and the potential for our brand to be on the map locally and internationally as a producer is growing steadily.

This influences my creative instincts. Many fashion consumers want to stand out and look different from the crowd. it is very common in our part of the world too often meet people on the street in the same cloth as your clothes and most often find it unattractively worn and the result is PHRONESIS; which is inspired by motifs and indigenous Ghanaian symbols to depict its Ghanaian origin,” says Robert Raymond, Creative Director of Chapters Couture.

The collection features Hollywood Ghanaian star Abraham Attah, Adjetey Anang, Veteran actress Akorfa Ejeani and Model Laurie Frempong.

April Last year, the emerging fashion hub championed an advocacy to revive the use of Batik, Tye and Dye not just to revive the industry but also to help local entrepreneurs. With its hit, Robert Raymond is positive that his Phronesis invention will be another success story.



Abraham Attah ¬– OAB Photography

Adjetey Anang & Akofa Ejeani– Mordy Photography

Laurie Frempong – Kwamani Photography

 Groomsmen – Sorce Photography

Facebook/Instagram – @chapterscouture


Tell : +233246605289/+233204437142


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