It might have entered in too deep.

It might have stirred my heart.

Even with my stare into your eyes, I find peace.


I see the smirk on your face.

And I see you rejoice with haste.

You know you’ve won this part of the race.

But our paths sometimes loves undue fate.


You’ve come far and too close.

You’ve found your way around my home.

Fate loves to be undue, so your hand is what he chose.

He chose your hand to cut me.

And cut me, you did; close and in too deep.


As I knelt down on my bended knee to cry the tears within thee, I stared into your eyes and found peace.

For I saw:

There is a time to bow.

There is a time to call a truce.

There is a time to be a slave.

And a time to behave.

There is a time to be in charge.

And a time to be on a pointy edge.

There is time to leave so I can live to fight another day.


When I stared into your eyes, I found peace.

For in your eyes, I saw how weak you are.

And I have the strength you don’t have.

The strength to pledge to my current predicament to your pleasure.

The strength to bare the horrors of that deep cut.

The cut whoose rift bends deep into my soul.

The strength to bow now and live to fight another fortnight.


Life likes to play the cards of undue fate.

Mine is now but I see in your eyes what you don’t.

I will savour the pleasures of your defeat in the next turn of cards when it is my true turn.


Asford Psalms.

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