The Managing Director of Kasapreko Company Limited, Richard Adjei has urged Ghanaians and Africans to support, celebrate and own all the good things coming out of the continent.

According to him, it is only when Africans appreciate its own that the world will begin to see the good things on the continent. Kasapreko has been at the forefront championing African success and culture as it has expanded its territory beyond the shores of West Africa.

“Our continent is gifted with all the resources – human, capital and natural resources so there is every reason to make Africa great by celebrating what we have as a people for others to envy us” Mr Adjei said when the beverage manufacturer announced a sponsorship package for this year’s African Legends Night.

He commended Ghanaians for supporting the growth of Kasapreko over the past 20 years.

For this year’s show, Kasapreko is sponsoring with its flagship brand Alomo Bitters and Awake Purified Drinking Water, Ghana’s first charity drinking water.

“We always sponsor African Legends Night because we believe in the powerful message music sends across the world by way of telling the African story within the proper context. African music has come a long way and it is in the right order to celebrate it with great icons, Mr Adjei added.

This year’s African Legends Night will take place Saturday September 30th at the Banquet Hall State House in Accra.   It features music legends Charles K. Fosu aka Daddy Lumba, Abrantie Amakye Dede and Congolese music star Kanda Bongo Man.



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