Live FM Presenter, Sammy Forson is offering his service as a “personal motivator, coach and dietitian” to persons who want to embark on the journey of losing weight.

Powered by his company, EvolveBySammyForson, Forson will guide selected individuals on creating a new lifestyle and most importantly heavily investing in themselves.

The Lifestyle Cafe host embarked on a publicly documented weight loss journey in 2016, necessitated by his battle with depression, high blood pressure and high cholesterol.

The success led to people seeing him in a different light: a source of motivation and inspiration to go for what you want in spite of the odds or challenges that one may face.

To sign up for ‘Experience Shocking Weight Loss with Sammy Forson‘, send an email introducing yourself to

Read below Sammy Forson’s statement about the weight loss experience

Dear followers

As you all know, I suffered with obesity for years and due to my health being at risk I had no choice but to make a change and choose to live and not die. My weightloss has been very real, very public and that’s what I am most proud of because there is evidence of that process.

For me it was always about tuning my mind, creating a new lifestyle and most importantly heavily investing in myself. The only person that can make you lose weight is YOU – you need to be mentally ready to start and take it day by day!

I am presenting to you a gateway to join me on this journey to a better way of life – to allow a real life weight loss story to change your life. I want to be your personal motivator, coach and dietitian. That trust I believe has been earned. I have documented proof that my method works, and it can work for you too if you are determined and mentally prepared.

If I am speaking to you, I urge you to take the bold step to invest in yourself and sign up to my weightless programme. Simply send me an email introducing yourself and we will go from there. Please note that I would like to work with serious clients only. Not everyone that emails me will be accepted on to the programme because an assessment will be provided to test your readiness to make that change.

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