Busy Internet is partnering with the Graphic communications group to present the 1st edition of the Graphic Business breakfast forum for this year.

The graphic business breakfast forum is a quarterly thought leadership series that brings industry professionals, regulators and policy makers to discuss topical issues that border on national development.

The forum dubbed ‘the role of pensions in national economic development and sustainability’, will have speakers like be Angela Gyasi – Partner, Bentsil, Enchill, Letsa and Ankomah;  Dr. John O. Tenkorang, Director General, SSNIT; Peter Osei, Former CEO of the State Insurance Company and an actuarial scientist and Mr. Hayford Atta Krufi, CEO, NPRA.

Speaking about the partnership and the upcoming event, CEO of BusyInternet Praveen Sadalage said “all throughout Busy’s existence in Ghana over the past 16years, Busy has actively been involved in initiatives, partnerships that empower Ghanaian businesses and individuals. From the days of its inception when Busy was running Ghana’s premier business shared workspace and startup support center to this era where Busy is actively creating platforms and forming partnerships that will empower businesses and individuals to make great things happen for themselves and Ghana.”

“We strongly believe that as a people we can only fast track our growth process if we consistently create opportunities for national dialogue, consensus building and education on national issues that have a direct bearing on our future as a nation. This is why we are partnering with the Graphic communications group to create this platform. We believe it will contribute strongly to the national discourse to issues of importance to us as a people,” Mr. Sadalage added.

The 1st edition of the 2017 breakfast series will be held at the Labadi Beach Hotel on Tuesday 19th September, 2017.  Interested participants can visit www.graphic.com.gh/forms/bfm to register.



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