Accra Mall, the city’s most visited retail center, is hosting the e.TV Made in Ghana Month Exhibition to help celebrate inventors, goods, and services made right here in Ghana.

According to organizers, Accra Mall has agreed to house the much anticipated 4-day Made in Ghana exhibitions.

The  exhibition which is currently on-going around the Food Court inside the Mall, was officially opened on Thursday September 21. The first day of the exhibition witnessed  massive patronage .

The e. TV Made In Ghana month has over the years, been accepted as the official period for the celebration of great indigenous inventers in the country. Some exciting events that will take place at the exhibition include a Dance Festival on Thursday.

Speaking about the eTV Made in Ghana exhibition, Denise Asare, Marketing Manager at Accra Mall stated that her outfit is glad to be part of the industrious initiative.

“Accra Mall is proud to host the e.TV Made in Ghana exhibition  on its premises. We believe in the patronage of goods and service made right here in Ghana,  ” she said.

  1. TV Made in Ghana Month started in September 2013 with the vision to dedicate the month of September every year for the promotion and celebration of goods and services made right here in Ghana. Dubbed ‘Ghana Inspires’, the fifth edition of the Made in Ghana month is meant to unearth great people who are doing marvelous things in their own small way to put Ghana on the map.

Jerry Ofori, Event Manager at Global Media Alliance Broadcast Company (GMABC) said: “On Saturday September 23, as part of the exhibition, there will be an Indigenous hairdressing competition where various hairdressers from the Hairdressers Association of Ghana and barbers will be tasked to do indigenous hair styles.”


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