E-Rock is a talented gospel musician who has a unique style and appeal. The singer is gradually gaining remarkable recognition.

E-Rock (Enoch Ofori Boamah) pursued secular music right from his teenage years until he got born again in 2008. An experience he loves to share in conferences and different meetings.

Music has been a part of me from childhood. I love the box guitar”.

E-Rock is not only recognized for his music but also for his prophetic and teaching ministry which has widely affected many youths in Ghana and beyond. With conferences and programs which have thousands of youths attending and many receiving the Holy Ghost. E-Rock is dedicated to his ministry.


He was one of the recipients of the Future Africa Leaders Award given by The Chris Oyakhilome Foundation in 2014, rewarding his great leadership skills, his impact and influence on young people in Ghana and beyond.

He is charismatic, energetic, and passionate about what he does. His mission is straight forward and he never misses on any chance he gets to profess his love for Jesus.

With a debut album; ‘The Necessity Project’, E-Rock seeks to push the boundaries and break stereotypes within the gospel music terrain. He is currently working on his next album ‘Love Songs Project’, which he is excited about.

E-Rock is also member of the Believers’ Loveworld family also known as Christ Embassy Church where his journey of active gospel music kicked off as a member of the choir.

One thing that drives his passion is to make Jesus known and express his unending love through good music to the world”. E-Rock sees what he does as not just music but a genuine outpouring of worship and praise to God. He sees it as his response to THE GREAT COMMISSION.

E-Rock’s lyrics leave many in awe as his ability to wield certain words together, still remains a marvel.

Some of his songs which have captured massive attention include; Church Dey Sweet, Necessity, God Dey, ‘One Thing’, ‘No Boundary Love’, and the recently released “Nothing Can Satisfy”.

His secret to churning out beautiful, touching gospel music is because of his conviction and knowledge of the Christ. “Worship is a lifestyle, I love to worship, it’s free and my love affair with the Lord is more than real. I sing my heart. I sing poetically too. My ability to write good music is from the Holy Spirit. He inspires my music. He is THE SECRET. – E-ROCK






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