I turned a blind eye to what mattered the most.

Now, I stand at the side lines as it waves me off.

I wish I could go back in time to change my mind when help was not hard to find.

It’s hard to abide by all that it has left behind.


Spending precious countless time trying to lie to myself that nothing of that sort ever passed-by.

But it avails to nothing.

It feels like I have no spine.

Paralyzed to the other side of opportunity.

A chance has slipped through my fingers as lies would, through a grapevine.


Sands of time; I plead you take me back.

Back to when I had the chance.

Chance to have acted in the time of that sphere.

Chance to have accepted.

Or to have rejected.

A chance to have smiled.

Or to have frowned.

Chance to have calculated my steps before a fall.

Chance to have thought.

And to have bought at a lesser cost.

Chance to have said, “yes.”

Or to have chanced its reverse.

A chance to have acknowledged.

And to have loved.

Chance to have vowed.

And to have stood.

Or to have bowed than to have been misunderstood.


Sands of time; take me back to when life was fair and green.

Take me back!

I solemnly plea.

For I need to take the chance before it flees.

Take me back with a hefty prance.

At least, then I will have a chance.

Chance to correct my errors before they hunt me now and ever more.




Asford psalms.




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