Prominent gospel singer/ producer Kofi Dua Anto, better know in showbizas KODA, has testified to the glory of God on his life and career.

In a sobering post on Facebook Monday morning, the Adooso singer (who has also earned a  place as one of the country’s beloved social commentators currently) spoke of humble beginnings in a home studio he likens to a “hen coop”.

Producer of several iconic records of this millennium, KODA ultimately charges all to not be discouraged by their current situations, but rather operate in truth and faith.


Read his full post below: 

My final Testimony !
Right after completing University, i had a meeting with my parents …………no they summoned me for a meeting!. The agenda was simple ; they had seen signs that i wanted to pursue music full time, but that was not going to happen !
It fell on deaf ears…i was sold out !
After months of family tension ,they finally agreed to allow me to use our “Guest room ” at home to start a studio.What equipment ? A Pentium 2 Pc borrowed from Clement Appah (God bless you Clement )
A Panasonic twin deck tape as my my monitor.Thus Koded Studios was started.
God gave me instant Grace.The productions were not sonically excellent but were a blessing
Nii Okai‘s Mokobe
Ato Alexander Bruce-Ghartey ( Uncle Ato) Obaatampa
Ike Nanor ‘s Yesu Yesu
Kwame Amponsah ‘s Merensesa Me Nyame da
I was excited !
I went back to my parents and requested for a different space at home to relocate the studio owing to the fact that our studio could only be in session when the guest room was free. I thus moved into a wooden structure 6 feet by 6feet in dimension. God showed me more favour !
Danny Nettey I believe
Nii Okai Gye W’ayeyi
Ato Alexander Bruce-Ghartey 3 albums ( Ebenezer etc )
Echoes of Clavary (UCC)
Eugene T. Zuta Fameye
Kofi Dua Anto Nyame Beye and W’aye Ewie albums
Auntie Amy Newman etc
Then the attacks started ! I was not getting clients anymore because the word on the street was that my setup was more of a “Hen Coup” ( picture 1) than a studio and only churned out sub- standard productions. I had people come around the studio who would just have a shy smile when they leave (obviously disappointed ). For the first time up till that point i felt very humiliated and discouraged. My colleagues from School had landed good jobs and were in suit ,driving their cars ‘enjoying life’….but here was i Kofi the CEO of “Hen Coup” Studios. I contemplated quitting ! I was broke and unhappy !
But God ! Be it known that Nipa nny3 Nyame !
Trusting God thru the subsequent years things began to turn around for good. God blessed me with faithful clients who stuck with me ( Nii, Uncle Ato, Ps Joe ,Zuta Ernestina Koney etc ) i eventually was able to build a decent looking studio with decent equipment.
Today …when i hear persons compliment us for the work that comes out of Koded Studios i only say ….we bless Jesus …but for him,i would have given up.
Ewurama Koda You married me in my Hen Coup days ,God knows what you saw in me …that made you believe in me.You are a blessed woman !!.
My final words……..Yes we havent seen all our promises,but believe me when i say God has been Good. Be encouraged someone out there……..He will do what he promised !
Kpabitey KofiJerby Mawuesi Djokoto ,Spon Keys ,P16 studios,Charles Pettingle Fant L Moindib be encouraged my people !
Walk in faith .Walk in truth.

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