GONE ARE the days when Ghanaian ladies wore native clothes with heels and sandals but today some of them do so with sneakers.

There is now the re-emergence of sneakers as the young and old don them without considering their age, weather or occasion.

At a point, athletes were seen wearing sneakers but there is a new fashion trend that has brought on board different ways of rocking them irrespective of the occasion.

Speaking to some male residents at Adabraka, a suburb of Accra, about how they feel when they see ladies wearing sneakers, they said, “If there’s one thing we’ve learned by now, it is that sneakers go with everything. Honestly, when we see them in converse, they (ladies) look smart and attractive.

A journalist who usually writes reports from the court said he admires sneakers and those who wear them but he hardly wears them because of his line of reporting.

The court reporter who wants to remain anonymous said,” You cannot dress anyhow to the court, including wearing sneakers, and this has influenced the way I now dress; I go formal.”

For some students, anything goes because they could not decipher when to wear sneakers or not.

Having fun after writing a paper in the ongoing November/December West Africa School Certificate Examination in Accra, the students could not agree that sneakers could be worn for a wedding, unanimously saying “everything depends on the couple.”

But one Akwasi Gyamfi of Madina said even though he had seen a lady being wed in sneakers, he thinks “that’s crazy; it’s out of place and it tells the kind of woman being married – very careless.

And Miss Nancy Anane, popularly known in fashion circles as Ms Nancy, Head of Costume and Wardrobe at EIB Network, seems to agree with Gyamfi.

In an interview with Abigail, Asare she said, “I am a Style Coach and therefore I must say wearing sneakers is beautiful but the occasion and place must be considered.

According to Miss Nancy, sneakers are casual shoes, whether flat or high, so it must be worn with discretion.

“In as much as some sneakers have amazing designs and colours, it does not necessarily mean one can wear it to church, office, court or any formal environment.

“If an organisation is having a non-formal event, it is allowed for participants to dress casually; sneakers are allowed,” she said.


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