The purpose to which everything exist, can’t be told.

Creation is delicate as none can tell its own fate.

You may try but you may be jumping the gun with you as the bate.


There are tales of how the world came to be and stories of how we came to being.

There are also prophecies of how things are meant to be.


There are many people living as one of the prophecies hold and we will keep multiplying like the sands by the sea.

And there are also ideas from each person on how to create the world we seek.

But what really is the purpose of every human being and that of other living things?


It is very easy and interesting to compare the world to a painting.

Everything in its space of time is as it should be.

Nothing is perfect but everything is perfect.

Everything as it is, is as it should be.

Just like a stroke from an artiste’s brush.

Every mark made on the canvas, be it by intention or a slip makes the painting as visualized or something completely out of sight.

But everything put together in that picture; beautiful or ugly, has its own form of uniqueness.

And to what purpose is this?


A man was made and out of which a woman was named.

People were born or made to take leaderships.

Others, were to make its membership.

Because neither leadership nor membership can be alone.

Masters were made for slaves.

And slaves are to behave.

But when they rebel, it is because their colors are up for their painting in the picture.

The rich were made, so the poor will wish to be there.

So was the same rich made so that the thieves might prevail.

The real was made so that the imagined can boost our taste.

The pure was made so that we disband the dirt with all haste.

Light was made so that we don’t enjoy darkness all day.

The false was told so that we enjoy what the truth brings in the bowl.

Hell was made so that the essence to be in heaven is not in vain.

The bad was made so that the truth will be traced.

The righteous was named so that the sinners know they can be saved.

The sane were made so that the others can live insane.

Children are raised so that when they grow, they will bathe.

The heart and mind were made so that our actions can relate.

The tongue was made for speech and taste.

The left was made so that the right will not be entirely blamed.

Love was made so that lust can only be a taste.


Lessons were made so that we don’t commit the same wrongs twice in a day.

Last was made so we know there was a first.

Better was made so we know we can be best.

Bad was made so we can compare down to its worst.

The blessed was named so that somebody can be cursed.

The ugly was created so that we know how the beautiful could have been made.


Laws are made but people steal anyway.

Lives are gotten but others are lost every day.

There is for better or for worst.

But not all can stand the test.

And somethings were simply made to be laid to waste.

Nothing is perfect.

That is why two instead of one was created so that a work to perfection can be maintained.

And do you think the serpent being in the garden was a mistake?

But mistakes in themselves are what we are to learn from, in order to change our fate.


Nothing is perfect.

But everything is perfect.

As it should be.

We are all puzzle pieces to create the perfect picture.


Asford psalms.



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