Kayode  Modupe-Ojo, a  British/Nigerian entrepreneur is set to take Ghana and Africa by storm with his ‘KMO Luxury’ brand.

Kayode has had businesses in different sectors including Telecoms, Security, Food and most recently Beauty. However, he is most known for his involvement in the Luxury sector.

He was  born in the Oshodi  district  of Lagos, Nigeria to businesswoman Tosin Modupe-Ojo and  Lawyer, Tunde  Modupe-Ojo. He moved to the United Kingdom with his family in July 1996, and settled in Manchester.
He attended High School in Manchester and at 16 continued to his education at College level. He then furthered his education at the University of Central Lancashire (UCLAN) and The University of Salford respectively.

Kayode’s entrepreneurial skills started quite early. He began his business career at the age of 19 selling second-hand fridges and electronic parts throughout Manchester. While attending University, he sold used mobile phones during the afternoons three times a week and worked as a security guard at a brothel in the evenings.

He also had a thing for sports. In his spare time, Kayode trained as a boxer at the then famous Oliver’s Gym in Salford with well-known trainer Oliver Harrison, who is behind the success of Amir Khan.  This love for sport soon turned into a trait, perhaps Kayode did not anticipate himself.

“Growing up, I had friends who were up and coming in the sports and entertainment world in industries such as – football, boxing, TV and music and I was always tasked to help them source (and negotiate) on goods and services particularly within the luxury market,” he comments.

This formed the beginning of what is now a successful enterprise in the luxury business.  He started provided such services for the likes of Kieran Richardson, Jemal Johnson, Chris Eagles, Ramon Calliste and Daniel Webber to mention a few. And naturally as time went on, Kayode was introduced to other key figures within the sports/ entertainment world.

These relationships led him to start his ‘Lifestyle Management’ business in 2006 providing services to individuals within the sport and entertainment world. He quickly became known as the ‘Fixer’ for the rich and famous.

Kayode’s services ranged from Security to Acquisition, and he provided these services up until early 2008. He then took some time out of the luxury sector because a small business opportunity identified itself and he felt it was something that needed to be capitalized upon.

“I set up a mobile phone reselling business dealing mainly with iPhones & iPads and selling them to businesses. I made some money from that venture and ran that for just over 2 years,” Kayode explains.

In late 2011, with the £100k investment from his premiere league football friend, Kenwyne Jones,  Kayode set up a specialist security company which was  responsible for the  development and delivery of complex security arrangements for professional athletes and high-end commercial premises. This was where he made a bulk of his ‘wealth’.

Like the sharp entrepreneur he is, Kayode again in 2012, ventured back into the luxury world and set his ambitions on designing and building a luxury salon/spa. In September 2012, he acquired an old salon business and proceeded to demolish it almost immediately. In January 2013, I pumped a lot of his cash into building what he believed would become one of the UK’s most luxurious and well known salon/spas. It was spaced out over two floors and he opened it’s doors the same year.

Kayode is now preparing to launch his own range of luxury products specifically designed for the African market. He currently has a watch, which he designed in collaboration with Arnold & Son to celebrate all things Africa!

Kayode believes it is time for Africa to have and enjoy the best in luxury.  He said: ‘Africa is still a frontier, and like most frontiers it is the pioneers that leave a lasting impression. I am an African man, a proud African man and it is time I help bring Africa to the forefront.”

“Luxury is not a need, hence the meaning of ‘Luxury’. In terms of readiness, there are millions of luxury goods consumers in (and from) Africa,” he add.

Although he has worked with celebrities in the West, Kayode as part of his new focus on Africa, is looking to work with celebrities from the continent including Davido, Wizkid, Tango Ncetezo, Lisa Visage, The Onni of Ife and more.

“I would simply like to give them a touch of ‘KMO Luxury’, both physically and emotionally – Scent & Style,” he adds.
According to the very affable Kayode, his KMO brand isn’t only for African’s that can afford it. KMO is a collection of fine luxury products designed and curated exclusively for everybody!

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