Radio Presenter and Actor, Kwame Afrifa-Mensah has joined Happy 98.9FM as a host of a new current affairs show called ‘Epa Hoa, Da Ben?’.

Kwame Afrifa-Mensah joins Happy FM as the station revamps with more exciting programs meant to educate and entertain listeners.  ‘Epa Hoa, Daben?’ is an all-new current affairs show that places emphasis on accountability, charging people in authority to be responsible and living up to expectation. The show airs on Monday- Friday from 2pm to 5pm.

In 2014, he was the of host of  ‘Ntoatoa’ show on GH One TV and also used to sit-in for the ‘Democracy’ show, a heated political debate show formerly on Happy FM. Kwame Afrifa-Mensah is also an actor who has featured in various Ghanaian movies and TV commercials as well.

He comes onboard the Happy FM team with an enormous radio experience from ace Ghanaian broadcaster Tommy Anan Forson.  Kwame Afrifa-Mensah has also been farming for the past 4years. He rears pigs, fishes and he has mango and cassava plantations as well.

Commenting about the new addition to the family, Kwesi Sarpong, Programs Manager for Happy FM said “Kwame Afrifa-Mensah is no stranger to the Happy FM family because we have known him for some time now when he used to sit-in as host of ‘Democracy’.

“He is a serious minded and focused personality who we decided to add to the team as part on the Happy FM revamping. Change is a good thing and that is why we at Happy FM will keep working hard to bring the best to our listeners every time.  We entreat our listeners to ‘Epa Hoa, Daben?’ on Happy FM,” Mr Sarpong stated.

As part of the show, a segment will be assigned where the host will rant on topical issues making rounds in Ghana. Kwame Afrifa-Mensah will also allow listeners to speak their minds about events that are bothering them in their neighbors as well.


During the 2016 political season in Ghana, Kwame Afrifa-Mensah was known to have done a lot of work for the NPP to help them win the elections and so he was tagged as being sympathizer of that political party.

But speaking about the issue, the host of ‘Epa Hoa, Daben?’ show said  “I don’t belong to NPP neither do I belong to the NDC but whoever does the bidding of Ghana and puts Ghana at heart is who I go in for.”

 He disclosed that he campaigned for the NPP in 2016 because “I believed the people were crying for change and I am for the people so what they were saying is what I said.”

He added that he was not going to do the bidding of any political party on the show but rather the bidding of the people of Ghana.

“Since the NPP came to power, if I have to bash them publicly I do so and people can crosscheck on my Facebook wall. I will not be bias towards any political party. I  know my people cry and I listen to my people. When my people say this is not good, it is not good. Definitely in this line of work, I will step on toes.”

If I have to step on the toes of the people I brought into power and get them out of power, I will do it. I am not going to do anybody’s bidding,” Mr Afrifa-Mensah said, adding, “I promise to be very objective and unbiased in my new task given me. What ever I do GHANA 1st.”

Listen to Kwame Afrifa-Mensah on ‘Epa Hoa, Da Ben?’ every Monday to Friday at 2pm on Happy FM has he brings you intriguing and breath taking interviews with the newsmakers in the political circles. For more information, visit





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