This is a mother’s song.

The rhythm she played for her baby before she was born- and when she grew, she added on.


The night I felt you in me.

Is the night I felt one more to the family tree.

The night I knew your mother- I will be

Is the night you were planted in me.


Days passed- my belly grew fat.

My temperature reads with my heartbeats.

I eat for two- for you I had to feast.

I had to make sure I don’t breathe less.

Or else I cut you breathless.

I had to do everything good for both of us- but you first.


Weeks passed- I felt you grow in me.

I felt you kick my tummy.

Then I call your dad to touch and feel the kicks within.

As I stand in front of the mirror, I only see beauty- the one within.

My inner beauty- my baby inside me.


Months passed- and my belly is tanned with marks.

Marks of beauty,

When you stretched and kicked, it was my belly which grew big.

Big enough to contain the love I have for you- a great new beginning.

The marks of beauty.

The scars of my joy.

I look at them, and it reminds me of the beauty planted in me.

My beautiful Lilly.

An angel with soul- carved from within.


Now my labor is come- It’s my baby at last.

My fears and tears adjoined- I’m overly cheered.

My baby within, now outside me.

Growing to fill my shoes- my joy renewed.


I stand before the mirror today and I remember how you pranced inside me.

How grown you’ve dawned to be.

I can’t hold it but to cry with joy.

If for nothing, for the scars of beauty you’ve left on me.

My baby; my beauty.

With you, I have had a thousand scars.

But with no pain.

My baby; my gain.

Even after I can’t breathe again.

My baby; you are my everything- from yesterday, today, and till there’s no date.



Asford Psalms.








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