Ghana-born drumming prodigy Paa Kow hits the sweet spot between addictive groove and delectable complexity on his latest album, Cookpot (release: October 13, 2017).

Paa Kow’s deep groove and prodigious talent reveal a unique ability to speak to listeners with his drums, inspiring a profound spiritual conversation. His songs are captivating and danceable and incorporate lyrics in his native language, Fante, as well as English.

“My music isn’t traditional, but it has deep roots. I want to invent my own style,” he explains. “The highlife music is there, but when you listen, it’s kind of jazz, too. It’s funk. It’s the way the music comes to me.”

In recent years, PaaKow has increasingly become recognized as one of the most remarkable drum set players to tour in Africa, Europe, and America.

Upcoming tour dates:

08/23/2017, Lincoln, NE, Zoo Bar, 9:00 PM

08/24/2017, Omaha, NE, Reverb Lounge, 9:00 PM

08/25/2017, Iowa City, IA, Friday Night Concert Series, 6:30 PM

08/26/2017, Des Moines, IA, Wooly’s, 8:00 PM

08/27/2017, Iowa City, IA, Cafe Paradiso, 8:00 PM

08/28/2017, Minneapolis, MN, The Cedar Cultural Center, 7:30 PM

08/29/2017, Chicago, IL, Law Office Pub and Music Hall, 7:30 PM

08/30/2017, Madison, WI, The Frequency, 8:30 PM

08/31/2017, Chicago, IL, Martyrs’, 8:00 PM

09/01/2017, Evanston, IL, 210, 9:00 PM

09/02/2017, Buffalo, NY, Nietzche’s, 9:00 PM

09/06/2017, Syracuse, NY, Funk ‘N Waffles, 8:00 PM

09/07/2017, New York, NY, Club Bonafide, 7:30 PM and 9:30 PM

09/09/2017, Bridgeport, CT, BRYAC, 9:00 PM

09/11/2017, Asheville, NC, Altamont Theatre, 7:00 PM

09/12/2017, Knoxville, TN, Red Piano Lounge, 8:00 PM

09/13/2017, Memphis, TN, Hi Tone, 8:00 PM

09/14/2017, New Orleans, LA, Cafe Istanbul, 9:00 PM

09/15/2017, Houston, TX, Dan Electro’s Guitar Bar, 9:00 PM

09/16/2017, Austin, TX, Flamingo Cantina, 9:00 PM



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