Henrietta Amoah, the lady whose boyfriend doused her with acid, is back in Ghana from New Delhi- India where she under-went the first phase of surgery successfully.

Accompanied by her mother, Henrietta visited Happy FM to express their gratitude to the station after supporting her with an amount of GHc50,000 through the award winning social programme “NSEM PII” hosted by Pastor Nyansa Boakwa where scores of listeners contributed towards her surgery.

Speaking on NSEM PII after her return, she showed gratitude and revealed that she is feeling better now than before.

“I am grateful to all for the support they gave me which enabled me go through the first phase of the surgery. I am okay now and I feel happy and better than the state I was in previously.” She told Happy FM.

Before the surgery, she could not close her eyes because there was no flesh covering her eyes, as the acid took away all flesh on her face including her eyes which hurt her badly when it came into contact with the sun.

She stated that she can now close her eyes and see as well. “I could not close my eyes before, because the flesh on my eyes peeled off by the acid. But thanks be unto God, I can close my eyes now. My mother has to check on me because sometimes I close my eyes very hard and water starts dripping.” Henrietta added.

“I can also see now” she told Nyansah.

They had to return to Ghana because of the high cost of hotel bills in India. The doctors are also finding a cell that will suit her eyes to enable her see properly.

The Ghana police has offered her another support to go for the completion of the surgery scheduled very soon.





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