Celebrated Ghanaian dancehall artiste Shatta Wale has spoken about his impressive tour of the United States of America.

Appearing on GHOne TV’s Rythmz Live show, Wale said the success of the tour spoke volumes about how huge an act he has become, adding the yearn for him to stage a tour of the U.S grew with many calls from promoters

Wale who is preparing for a second leg of his tour said he was impressed with the turnout he had for all his just-gone-by U.S dates.

“When people see you as a role model, that’s when they attend your shows. I was impressed.”

Speaking further on the reception he had while in the U.S, he said he was somewhat surprised at the enormous respect he had from distinguished persons like the mayor of Worcester.

“When i went to Worcester, the mayor came to see me and that led to me being given the Key to the City which was only given to high profile people. He came to me and said, he’s been listening to my music; he said he loves the Ghanaian community in Worcester so much.”

Shatta Wale’s second leg of U.S tour includes a show in New York on the August 19. The Ghanaian artiste is also due to perform at the Ghana Meets Naija show in London on August 25.

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