This year’s edition of  Phreak Out Live (organized by Beat Phreaks) will take place on the 11th of August, 2017, and as usual, patrons will be treated to refreshing musical performances from selected artistes.

Beat Phreaks is essentially a common-ground where serious music fans and fanatics get together to express that love for music and the excitement that goes with discovering new artistes or genres of music and not just what is fed to them via radio or in our night clubs.

Phreak Out Live is also creating that necessary platform where Producers and Artistes can showcase their craft live and allow music lovers to interact and appreciate each art-form better.

Last year, the event hosted amazing indie acts such as Sena Dagadu and her fellow Irie Maffia band member, DJ/Producer Marton Elo, alongside some of the most brilliant young artistes in the local scene; Worlasi, Poetra, Quayba, King Promise, Akan, Kuvie amongst others who are setting the standard with their socially relevant music and challenging the status quo with their work, celebrating existing talents and building an eclectic atmosphere for patrons.



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