Speaking to Naya’s column Via Agoo TV’s evening political show (Nyansapo) Awutu Senya East MCE  Michael Osei Mensah has indicated his readiness in tackling the numerous problems Kasoa is brought with, especially when it comes to sanitation.

“There are lots of issues in kasoa which needs to be addressed with rapt attention” he started, “after assuming the position as the MCE, I observed how residents have gradually managed to turn roadsides into refuse dumps. This is indeed disheartening and poses a serious threat to the health of the residents of this noble constituency. I took it upon myself to curb this situation by posing as a ‘sanitary inspector’ at these sites and arrested about eighteen (18) people who were found guilty of this charge. Most of these people would drive by at night in their private cars just to add up to the already heaped rubbish by the road side. Sanitation inspectors/bodies have distributed refuse bins/containers across the constituency but some selfish inhabitants made it a point to station themselves by these containers as ‘unapproved watchmen’, charging whoever stops by to dump refuse into these assigned containers a specified amount of money which only ends up encouraging the rest of the people to go by the unacceptable way of disposing off their refuse. With regards to this, most of those found guilty were apprehended and this served as a caution to others to desist from that act.

“To sustain this project to make Kasoa clean again, we have introduced the ‘free for all sanitation day’ in the city which implies that, at every last Friday of the month, every educational institution within the city would embark on a general cleaning exercise within and around their campuses. Assigned Private contractors would also be available to collect the refuse to properly dispose them off without posing a threat to the health of the inhabitants. Households would be given free waste bins by these contractors on this day to also aid in the success of this project to make the city clean again. With the help of majority of the Educational directors, heads of religious and non-religious institutions behind me on this cleaning campaign, we can all be assured of the success of this project.

“Educational wise, the city of Kasoa has been divided into six (6) zones, so if the first zone embarks on the cleanup exercise in the first month, the second zone takes over the next month till the zones are exhausted, then we start all over again with the very first Zone.

“I strongly believe that if this done properly, I can challenge President Nana Addo Danquah Akuffo Addo that instead of Accra (The nation’s capital), Kasoa would be cleanest city in Ghana and West Africa at large.


Story: Nana Yaa Asabea //email: nayascolumn@gmail.com // instagram: @naya_233



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