As part of the rollout of new exciting programs on e. TV Ghana, the station has warned its cherished viewers not to watch their new sex education program.

The show, which gives an in-depth analysis about relationships and adult sex education among others, is currently making waves as the top adult rated program on TV.

But a statement issued from the station warned viewers against watching the new program which airs every Saturday from 10pm – 11pm on e. TV Ghana and e.TV Ghana live on its website, stating that the show is not suitable for people below eighteen years.

“Tune in to e. TV Ghana every Saturday from 10pm – 11pm to spice up your relationship and sex life, learn more about how to please your husbands or wives in the bedroom and enjoy the humor of the amazing lifestyle of our celebrities,” host of the popular show stated.

However, viewers of this popular show keep yearning for more after each episode, making it the most sought after program on TV currently.

Patrons, who decide to watch this all-new adult sex education show, do so by their own accord. Viewer discretion is therefore advised. The show is not suitable for people under 18years.



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