Off the heels of her Run EP and Freedom Drop mixtape, South London alternative soul singer Tawiah is premiering her latest video for “Move With Me” today on the FADER. “Oh there’s something in the night sky/ that makes me want to be with you,” she sings, glistening with raw emotion and funky drum pops. True to its title, the video has us moving, bending and even shapeshifting with Tawiah.

“’Move With Me’ was written when Sam Beste (the co-producer) and I hit a wall with the post-production of the forthcoming album, we decided that for the remaining 2 hours of our session we would just start a completely new vibe just for fun with no expectations and ‘Move with Me’ was born,” Tawiah told the FADER via email. “We listened back to it a few months later and really loved it. The free energy of the song felt like a nice way to end the EP.”

Watch the video below:

Credit: The Fader!

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