After coming out last week with my deepest secret, I must say that I was astonished at the number of young females who opened up to me via social media and in person with regards to similar ordeals they’ve been through.

One of such persons was Jeannette (actual name withheld), an eighteen (18) year old who opened up on coping with molestations from her step-father from the tender age of eight (8) till date.

She narrated, “My biological father got separated from my mum when I was only five (5) years old. We used to be a very happy family which exhibited no sign of unhappiness in the bond we shared but for some reasons still unknown to me, my father chose to leave us without making an effort to reconsider his decisions.

About Five (5) months to my 8th birthday, my mother got married again to a man whose physical appearance could be likened to that of my father; a mixed race man, grey eyes and the perfect cliché curly hair. Our traditional custom demanded that we moved in with this man who I’d have to get used to calling “father”. My new dad grew fond of me and always took me out for walks, sweet treats and sometimes would watch me shower and soon, I saw myself warming up to this man who somehow made it easier for me to embrace this new chapter of mine and My mother on the other hand, became more at ease in view of the growing warmth between me and my step-father.

“I was tucked up and deeply asleep in bed one night when I felt a burning sensation in my vagina, I woke up immediately to find my step father with my panty in his left hand as he busily worked his way in and out of my vagina with his index finger. I remember letting out a sharp cry and asked him what he was doing to me; the alcoholic stench from his breath as he made an effort to respond was enough to explain his actions. He however kept stroking the insides of my vagina with my mouth firmly covered with his hand. In tears, I watched him  as he walked out of my room with pride and a feeling of accomplishment… I was only eight.

The tiny drops of blood on my sheets were evident the next morning and I did all I could to hide them but unfortunately, I was caught by my mum who surprisingly accused me of playing dirty games with the boys in our neighborhood and to demonstrate her anger, she gave me the beating of my life as my step father watched in silence. The bond between my step-father and I began to wither slowly as I made an effort to always take a calculated distance away from him and his ‘sweet trap’. A fortnight after the incidence, my mother announced her emergency visit to my grandparents in Kumasi; which implied that I would have to cope with my evil step-father. He kept up with his acts on me and warned to never tell my mother or he’d make my life miserable; I tolerated him for six (6) more years and soon, he graduated from fingering to actually having sex with me.

My skin begins to crawl up when I think of the fact that, the man who took my virginity wasn’t my prince charming but my mother’s. He managed to convince my mum to enroll me in a day senior high school in order for them to keep ‘an eye on me and to which she agreed. I have no pleasure in living under the same roof with a man who molests me day and night with no regards for my health or age. I live in absolute fear and always look for excuses to stay out till late at night.

I know my mother loves him so much so she wouldn’t even believe a word if I walked up to her with the truth. I’m now an eighteen (18) year old who has never had an actual boyfriend and has no desire to be in a relationship because of the number of years of molestation I’ve had to endure.

I have no pictorial evidence of my step-father’s wickedness but I’m really tired of putting up with his deeds and sudden cold attitude towards me; He has threatened to throw me out of the house if I ever dared to expose him so I’m really confused Naya. I’m only a student with no job so I do expose him, how would I survive? Because I’m certain that he’d do everything to turn my mother against me. I’m really scared and I need help.”

This is an extremely disturbing situation! Hmmm …

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