Ghanaian dance hall artiste Stonebwoy, has urged the youth in the Volta Region of Ghana to embrace the MASO Cocoa Project.

He was speaking at a community durbar for cocoa farming communities in Akome Gborta in the Ho West Constituency of the Volta Region.

“We all have a role to play in cocoa farming so the legacy of our fore parents doesn’t die off, where the same farming will be left in the hands of (the same) elderly persons. The youths have more energy and even in these technological times, the youths have more knowledge in making things work easily,” he said.

“We the youth have to get involved; and with the help of Solidaridad as the mother of the MASO initiative, I deem it very important to align myself with this project. Later on in life we will feel proud to have been part of this initiative starting in these times” Stonebwoy further stated.

He also noted that the MASO cocoa farming project is a good way of employing the youth who don’t have to go to the cities for greener pastures.

“They say the devil finds work for the idle hands. We all do not have to trace to Accra, and the Chief also said that in his address. And it makes a lot of sense,” he stated.

The BET winner/nominee, Stonebwoy, also entertained the youth with a short performance after the durbar.

MASO, an innovative programme targeting young people in cocoa growing communities is organising a series of activities in the Volta Region from July 6 to7,2017. The activities are to create an opportunity for Stonebwoy – the MASO Brand Ambassador – to interact with participants in the MASO Programme and their communities. MASO focuses on creating employment opportunities for youth aged 18 to 25 in the Ashanti, Brong Ahafo, Western, Central and Volta Regions.

The goal of MASO is to empower the youth to be drivers of change in the cocoa sector by making cocoa farming and businesses in cocoa growing communities, an economic career choice for them. MASO trains and mentors beneficiaries of the programme to become professional cocoa farmers or service providers to support the cocoa industry in their communities.

MASO is part of the Youth Forward Initiative (YFI) which is a partnership between The MasterCard Foundation, Overseas Development Institute, Global Communities, Solidaridad, NCBA-CLUSA and GOAL.

The “Youth Forward Initiative” brings together multiple organizations to train and help transition young people into sustainable jobs in the construction and agricultural sectors in Ghana and Uganda.


Credit: Elorm Beenie

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