Twinkle of a flicker.

Now the light looks dimmer.

Hours away, minutes that fade; soon the day breaks.


Snap of the fingers; things that matters, now are dry as hay.


Hearts that beats.

Seconds which ticks.

Memories that rings.

Birds that sing.

Minds that thinks.

Stars which blinks.

Heart that believes.

Tongue which deceives.

Hand that steals.

Ropes which reeves.

Lips that smile.

Muscles which frowns.

Kings with their crowns.

Queen with the pounds.

Chiefs in their towns.

Truth that proves.

Lies that hooks.

Houses which roofs.

Men in their youth.

And women with their looks.

All can be taken away within the wink of a twinkle in a flicker.

Whether a flicker of a twinkle or a twinkle of a flicker, we only live for a short while.

We only live but for a short time.

The only best thing is making it worth that while.


Written by Asford Psalms

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