With increasing dating venues through social media, it’s quite surprising that Kofi Laing’s Hook Up Show, providing on-air match-making, has hit the airwaves with a huge bang!

If you ever tune into JoyFm on a Monday and you were used to hearing his alluring, baritone voice alongside some great oldies, slow jams and classics, you’ll be pleasantly surprised by a slight change in tone.

Now when you tune in, you’ll primarily be entertained by Kofi speaking to single people of the opposite sex, describing their ideal partner in a very engaging manner.

After a disclaimer regarding safety issues, Kofi cajoles the callers into very engaging conversations, breaking down walls as each reveals their heart’s desire.

With only three weeks into the show, the popularity has rocketed. Kofi tells us he is waiting anxiously for the first marriage to be announced as a Late Night Express wedding.

Catch Kofi Laing every Monday evening from 10pm – 12pm with the Hook Up Show;
Tuesdays – Local Slow Jams; and Wednesdays – Celebrity Guest or Talk Show Q&A answering questions about relationship issues


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