Ghanaian actor and television presenter James Timothy Gardner has revealed that he requires more diversity in his roles to demonstrate his versatility.

James Gardiner, who is a familiar face when it comes to love scenes in Ghanaian and Nigerian movies complained about receiving almost the same role in all the movies he stars in.

In an interview on Tonight starring Andrew Tandoh Adote, the actor stated, “I’m always playing love scenes but the role I really want to play is a mad man or a pyscho.’

He also added that the last time he played the role of a mad man was when he was part of the drama group back in St. Augustines.

James Gardiner is one of Ghana’s finest actors, and has featured in many movies including Happy Deathday, Royal Diadem and recently, John and John.

The full interview will be aired on Tonight starring Andrew Tandoh Adote on Joy Prime, Sunday at 8:30pm.



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