Music bands started a long time ago in Ghana; one can mention some popular bands such as the Western Diamonds, OBY, Black Lace, Patch Bay, Afro-Harmony and the most decorated band known worldwide from Ghana was the Osibisa Band.

Over time music band has grown from been just an- add on during events to becoming the main highlight for any music events.

The growth is so impressive that even solo artistes are forming bands to tour the length and breadth of this world.

The only problem is, most of the songs played by these bands appeal to a certain age leaving out the young ones or teens.

For this matter, a music management company – OnePlay Media is hopeful of filling that gap by forming the first teen band in Ghana.

Oneplay media- an Accra based music independent Management Company is searching for teenagers between the ages 10-16years who can play any traditional and modern instruments to form the first teen band to come out of Ghana.

A rep from Oneplay Media mentioned that this is not a music reality show or a talent hunt competition hence parents who want their kids to be part of this band should take note.

The rep said they are looking for a teen who can sing, and others who can play the drum, guitar both lead and Bass.

They are also looking for a keyboardist, a teen who can play the xylophone, the djembe, Brass (trumpet, Trombone) and the flute but ‘Kids must be between the ages of 10-16years only.

Interested kids should do a one (1) minute video of themselves singing (that is if they can sing) and playing any of the listed instruments above. All videos should be sent to these whatsapp numbers – 020 989 5490 and 027 1111170.

When videos are sent, parents or wards should wait for a confirmation text to acknowledge if the teen has been selected for the first auditions or not – the rep emphasized.

The rep also stressed on the point – ‘parents will have to wait for a text message to know if the teen has been chosen for the auditions’.

If a parent does not receive a message its means the child did not qualify for the first auditions – she opined.

The rep ended that the search is on from 26th June to the 10th of July.

We think this is a great opportunity for every teen that can play any traditional instrument. If you know some one you can share this information with them – the rep lamented.In the rep hinted that their company – Oneplay Media is working with female singer and vocal power NanaYaa on this project as the main musician to mentor these kids.



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