Aside his acclaim as a vocalist, Chase Forever (born Fianko Bossman in Hackney Town, London) is also among a handful of creatives who constitute Ghana’s foremost contemporary songwriters. Beginning his journey as member of the rap group “Souljas Inn”, singer has now evolved  into a true R&B powerhouse.

His exceptional writing skills, being put to use since his days in college, have seen him create for top Ghanaian acts as Irene Logan, Richie Mensah, Mimi (Big Brother Africa), YaaYaa and a host of others.

Chase has shared stages with acclaimed international counterparts as Mario, and Shontelle.

In August 2014, he unveiled his explosive debut “Unappreciated”.  Widely considered a model album, the record birthed mighty hits as “Fire”, “Pull Me Down”, “Bozeman Item”, and the emotive “Lonely”, which earned him three nominations at the 2013 Ghana Music Awards (VGMA), including for Record of the Year. He was also shortlisted for Most Gifted Video R&B at the 2013 Channel O Music Video Awards held in South Africa.

In an interview with ENEWSGH, the artist spoke to a variety of issues as the place of Ghanaian veteran Kojo Antwi to this music, the quality of songwriting currently, and his forthcoming KARMA album.

Do find the conversation below:

ENGH: Your latest single Saman samples Kojo Antwi. How important was it to channel  Kojo Antwi?  What do you think bout his songwriting?

CF: Man, I had always wanted to sample this. Even around the time I released “Fire” this had always been on my mind.The timing was right. [Producer] Genius Selection sent me a DM to check on me, and I told him to sample it. He sent the beat back to in about an hour. When I heard it, I instantly knew it was a hit. He always tells me I know what I want — he’s such a humble and great guy!

I don’t know how people will feel about this, but Kojo Antwi is underrated. His songwriting is just out of this world. I listen to his songs and wonder how he was he thinking like this in the 80s. Plus, his videos and creativity sparks that chord in me –only a few artists have that effect on me worldwide.

ENGH: How much will highlife influence the texture of a new Chase album, especially judging by the direction of Saman?

CF: I’m trying to sell the culture in the coolest way. The follow-up single is called “One More Night”. I’m not gonna say too much on my new album, but for now, it’s titled “KARMA”.  The growth is eminent I can’t wait to let my fans in on it.

ENGH: Which other acts/songwriters influence you? What specific aspects of their craft do you study?

CF:  Michael Jackson! I love me some UB40 -love me a lot of vintage music. Baby Face, The Dream and Neyo influenced my songwriting a lot, and because I was a rapper, I’ve always had better luck with the pen. I thank God for the gift He has bestowed on me. Making music is one of the easiest things. I’m influenced by a lot of old music –my playlist just consists a lot of old music.

ENGH:  Via your debut album, you echoed your sentiments of not feeling “appreciated”. It is something you regularly reiterate in the wake of VGMA awards in the past. Do you still feel that way?

CF: To tell you the truth, I stopped caring about the awards and who they choose to award. It just never added up to me how at one point I had written Mimi’s song (Leave Me Alone), as well as Richie’s song (Intoxicated ft. Sway DaSafo)  all in big categories, and couldn’t even get a nomination as Best Songwriter –and it’s funny how everybody knows me as a songwriter. Long story short, I stopped paying attention to all of that. I just to make the best music, give it my all and be remembered when I leave this earth.

ENGH: Besides your singing, you’re recognized for your songwriting. How do you determine who will best deliver your song?

CF: Yeah, it’s like I pick vibes –I learned how to do that. Also, I study the singers and their vocal range. I can give anybody a hot song. I ask them if there are any private things in their lives they want to talk about. For instance, When Mimi returned from the Big Brother house, there was a lot of gossip about her, so I wrote “Leave Me Alone”, and so on and so forth.

ENGH: Do you regret ever giving a particular song away instead of singing it yourself?

CF: Naaa [laughs]. Sometimes on the spot,  I’m like “damn, I should have kept this song”,  but I don’t regret it afterwards because God always blesses me with something that keeps me in the conversation.

ENGH: Are you impressed with the quality of songwriting in the country currently?

No I’m not, but it seems people feed the audience with what they want, so it’s like– you can’t really complain when they have a song that might be more popular than mine. To me though, it’s not about popularity, it’s what lasts and is remembered when you’re gone.

ENGH: What must young musicians know about songwriting? What keys are most essential?

CF: Write from you’re heart, mean it, for when you do, the people can feel it.

ENGH: Love, jealousy, booze. Are these accurate adjectives in summarizing the general outlook of your music? 

CF: Yes sounds pretty accurate, but you left out ‘life”.

Visuals for Chase Forever’s recent single Saman (released in April) drop in coming days. Watch a teaser of the work below:

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