Many, many, many years ago,were two of the world’s famous creatures; Adam and Eve.

Made into a world of free.

They chose what could; to be.

To be fruitful, multiply and replenish the surface of the earth was meant of them.

Their lives were, but to live with a rule.

And even before them; up above our eyes so high, is a place we pray to be one day .

Where the universe had it first league of villainy begin.

The ‘great voice’ battled for supremacy and a token of freedom.

Back down on earth, many years on, was fruitfulness.

The multiplication of the supreme creatures.

Each separating from the bunch when their time is due.

Spreading across the length and breadth of the world, in search of a piece from independence.

But ever since creation, every creature; living or dead, has; is and will be in struggle for that one particular intangible.

The one that sets us on the path of invincibility or immortality.

That, we do not see.

However, we feel by sight; in our conscience and in our hearts.


We all long for freedom.

Times past;

Wars have been fought.

Biblical stories told.

Physical evidence seen.

In time ago, in our present and certainly, minutes to come.

We all want ‘free’.

Man rebels against his thoughts.

Children oppose their fathers.

Neighbours against their own brothers.

And countries on each others throats, all for the viability in freedom.

Freewill is our right.

Right to live.

Life is a gift.

And freedom is one of its lifts.



Infants want to grow up and be free.

Because to them, to be old is the key.

Youth, wants out the clutches of destitution and set on the path of independence.

Slaves were and are in want of exclusion from boundaries.

The judged as ‘sinners’ want to be free of whatever is holding them.

The righteous wants to be invincible.

We want to be free from our ‘holding thoughts’.

Women want to be free.

Free from pain in birth.

The caged wants to be free.

As do the captor.

The tamed wants freedom.

The living wants too.

The dead yearns for freedom into immortality.

And even the devil wants it too.

He wants to be free.

To live as before, once more.


To be free, is our aim.

But the universe flips a coin on freedom or captivity each time.

And the tails always wins.

The living will never be free.

Man will never earn freedom.

Even from his thoughts.

Neither will slaves be from their bondage.

Mothers will never evade the pain of birth.

Children will grow into responsibilities.

Youth, into mantles of their lives.

Neighbours can never hold clean.

Countries will try but it is still made up of humans.

People will plea for freedom to live.

To be sufficient and independent.

To be free from policies and crises.

To be safe and not pursued.

Religions will want away from the prying eyes of discrimination.

The sinful will be judged by their deeds and according to the laws.

The righteous will have to live on the rules in their Holy Books and that of their lands.

So where is the freedom in that.

The living are in clutches but loves the perception of freedoom.

The dead are not exempted.

For when the time is due, we will be judged to an after life.

The fortunate and the not, will both have their ways.

The good; will forever sing their praises in their ‘freedom’ into eternity.

The bad; will forever flow their weaps in their new gained ‘freedom’ in the underworld.

And the devil will also never be free and that is the pain he wants to share with toys he acquires.


Freedom should be hoped for.

Dreamt for instead

We need freedom.

We have freedom.

Life is a gift.

However, it has an irony.

Which is the biggest lie.

That is freedom.

Freedom is but a deception.

It only exist in writings.


Credit: Asford Psalms

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