What once was blue.

Now it doesn’t feel true.

What once was you.

Now I simple have no clue.

Through thick and thin, I knew I had you.

Whatever the case be, I trusted you.

Our memories were meant to be everlasting and true.


You made me cry through the rain.

And it wasn’t enough to hide my pain.

The eyes are the windows to the soul.

But you made mine turn as black as coal.

And yours wasn’t any different either.

But your heart was worse.

That I thought it was made of gold.

Certainly, it was just a cover of mould.


You turned my life around.

Only to do so another time at a faster count.

Two wrongs doesn’t make a right.

Your heart was sold and so was mine bought by pain and cruelty.

I swear with what we shared, you had my loyalty.

Trust is like a door; I walked through yours but I definitely have walked out.

And now it’s all gone.


I thought I could let it go.

But it had me clutched in like my mother’s hug when I felt cold.

You made me grief; that it tore my heart apart.

Like heaven and hell.


From that moment, I saw you die for the first time- in my heart and in my eyes.

I wished I could put together every fallen piece.

But it was too late the whole collection had fallen apart.

I held onto faith and moved an inch forward.

And my heart left you back, many miles long.

It was the best to do as the space was to give me a healing pace.

Little did I know you’ll fall in the race.

You were met by an untimely tragedy.

Who would have thought your stubborn heart could fail you and elapse the ticks of time.


Your heart beats slowly; fading with each passing minute as you laid on what was meant to be a recovery bed.

Even on what you did and how I felt, I couldn’t stay away when you needed me most.

I was beside you when I heard it.

Stood by you and had your palm in mine.

I felt the grin on your face as we knew not when your time will finally fade away.

My heart bled as I stood by.

But I cared not, for you meant the same to me as you were before.


You were told not to speak.

You managed to mention my name and added, “please.”

But the following words, I never got to know; neither did you get to say them.

With that smile on your face, I could only tell that you wanted to say, “I’m sorry, forgive me.”

But it was too late, your soul was departed and gone.

And I never got the chance to forgive your wrong.


Now your soul is in trance and I fear it will get stuck.

‘Coz you never fully said it and I never truely replied either.

But I pray it’s not late to say that you have been forgiven.


Those words I never got the chance to say, now torments me.

And each time I have flashbacks, tears fall as if I have caused a rainfall.

‘Coz this time, I watched you die twice and the latter is unbearable than the former.

I watched you die twice, this time- at my sight but not in my heart.


What once was blue.

Now doesn’t feel true.

What once was me and you.

Now, me left; and gone is you.

I wish we can go backĀ  to when our hearts were intertwined as new.


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