I received an extremely interesting letter from an embittered young gentleman who wishes to remain anonymous. In this letter was the expression of utter disappointment and bitterness towards a lady who did the unthinkable to him. Let’s get straight to the story.

“Hi Naya” he wrote, “I monitor your weekly blogs on love/relationships blog and I see how comfortable you make your clients feel. Your ability to make your readers feel the emotion behind all the letters you publish only depicts your true gift of writing.

I have been single for years and don’t intend on settling down anytime soon and here’s why; whenever I think or feel that I’ve found a soul mate, that’s when I’m made to understand that I’m no better than a fool. I used to date a club girl here in Accra and fell madly in love with her; just to please my queen, I became a regular club attendee. She tattooed my name on her left breast as a sign of her never dying love and commitment to what we had but for some reasons I couldn’t fully trust her. With the kind of girl she was, I knew she’d definitely meet guys who were much prominent than I was but regardless of that fact, I was able to stick around for a little over four (4) years. My doubts about my club queen made us grow apart. I spent less and less time with her and often found means to totally avoid her.

I travelled to koforidua one weekend with my friends to visit my father. On that fateful visit I met Veronica; a young innocent looking girl (who lived next door) who simply blew my mind away with her perfect smile. I immediately alerted my closest friend she check her out and though I had never met her, I already felt she was mine. I called on her to kindly come over only for me to be rudely snubbed because I was only in a pair of boxers. A friend advised, “chale, don’t get too consumed with these koforidua chics o. The only thing they do best is to spend your money and fly to the next comfortable perch they can find. I’d rather you keep your distance from that lady you saw to avoid any form of disappointment because of how emotional you can get. Many of our friends have had their fair share of trouble from these ‘koforidua flowers’ (a name given to ladies from this town) so just stay away!” at that moment, he wasn’t making any sense to me because I was buried in my thoughts filled with plots on how to win her over. I woke up earlier than usual to get some food from the nearest local restaurant when I met this lady again. She flashed a smile at me again and without hesitating I called her over with all the humility in me and asked her to be my friend. To my surprise, she immediately accepted! Was it because of my BMW or basically because I was fully clothed this time? We got really close and spent more time together. One night I took her out to one of the fanciest pubs in the town to share a few drinks and honestly got pretty wasted. We spent that night together in my home and the rest was history. I woke up the next morning without my princess beside me and that scared me bit. I then remembered that I had almost 40,000 Euros in my wallet and dashed right for my jeans only to find the money still intact… had I found my soul mate? I asked myself. It was soon time for us to return to Accra and my new princess couldn’t hold back her tears. Naya, I’m the type of guy who never wants to see a lady cry. So for my very own girlfriend to shed tears because of me was abominable! I ended up staying for a few more days just to make her happy. I spent on her and her closest friend, showered her with so much love, money and passion because I thought that was the only way to keep her happy and committed to me. I however left Koforidua to Accra to follow up on a new job appointment but however promised my princess that I’d invite her over to the capital soon to come live with me. Upon arrival, I first decided to get rid of my ‘Accra crazy club Queen’ peacefully enough to pave way for the arrival of my Koforidua flower and right after I did that, I relocated to a new place and changed my number altogether. I had a new contract with Ember Africa later and to celebrate that, I invited my princess in Koforidua over to the capital. I fell in love with her all over again during her stay and vowed to marry her immediately the contract I had with my new company came to an end.

“On one of our frequent visits to the Gym, a gentleman pulled me aside and said, ‘be careful of your wife’ after which he walked off, leaving me puzzled on the treadmill. My friends on the other hand, disliked my girlfriend and often accused her of disrespecting them. I brushed them all off and focused on just me and Queen. I left the office earlier than I normally did because of a terrible headache and was driving home when I was ambushed on a lonely road (a shortcut I sometimes use to and from work). It was all dark with no lights but that of my car. They robbed me off my money, mobile phones and my car in addition to a severe beating. I swayed like a tree in a strong wind on my way home buried in my sad thoughts and pain. I safely got to the junction next to my house when I saw my queen from afar, kissing a guy I identified as Kwasi, a guy I feed and clothe every single day! How? Two troubles in a day… God was unfair to me. She bid him farewell and asked that he came by the next day ‘at the usual time’ aye! So they even had a usual time? How foolish I had been! I drove her out that fateful night with all the anger in me and burst into real manly tears. Why? I did not deserve that from her. How I wish I had paid heed to the advice of my friends. Koforidua girls are dangerous! Now I can’t move on… I need help so I can heal.”

Cherished readers, what’s your take on this? Kindly help a brother out. Does a few bad nut really spoil the lot?

By: Nana Yaa Asabea//email: nayascolumn@gmail.com// facebook : Naya’s Column// instagram: @naya_233


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