The African Market in East Legon (next to the A&C Mall), will serve as venue for a special 10 – day Gift Fair from May 17 -27.

Described as “the hub of authentic artefacts produced by artisans across the African continent”, it will see a parade of several exquisite indigenous artefacts as fabrics and fashion, beads, paintings and fine arts, pottery and ceramics wears, leather crafts, sculptures and other accessories.

In all the African Market parades over 24,000 exotic and modern artefacts from such places as Egypt, Nigeria, Zimbabwe, Niger, Ethiopia, Ghana, South Africa, and Burkina Faso.

The exhibition officially opens on 25th May to coincide with the celebration of the African Union day.

Established in 2001 at OSU,  the AACD has “become the rallying point for the conceptualization of African artefacts for the promotion of tourism in the country”, according to organisers, and patronizing artefacts are expected to see citizens contribute their quota towards sustaining the artists, manufacturers and suppliers towards enhancing Ghana’s tourism agenda.

The event commences at 12 noon.

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