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NANA YAA ASABEA: How Death Stole My Mr. Right



The most painful goodbyes are the ones that are never said and never explained. – unknown.

This week on Naya’s column, our letter for discussion is from Priscilla Ahingua; a National service personnel with one of the renowned construction firms in Ghana. Before we get to it permit me to say that the most common mistake we make as women is not being able to identify the men who genuinely loves us.

We normally find ourselves turning our backs to the genuine men paving way for the ones who are only ready to twist and hurt our emotions without an iota of the desired love and respect. Believe it or not there are still tons of good men out there who are seeking for that one girl to spend their lives with but because of the invisible criteria we ladies of the ‘social media influenced 21st century’ have created for our supposed “Mr Perfect” we tend to blindly push away the good guys with these popular and over used excuses “he’s too nerdy”, “he has bad breath”, “he’s not well built enough”, “he has a big head” or “he’s not as handsome as this or that”, “he can’t approach me so I care less” etc. these are all useless and irrelevant. We should get to that point where we’ll understand that no one human being can be classified as the “total package.” let me give you a little secret ladies, there are no men as sweet and loving as the NERDY ones, believe me.

Priscilla got careless and exhibited such 21st century nonsense when she met Michael Wiafe, A simple decent guy who was a student at the Pope John’s Senior High school and Seminary. Priscilla on the other hand was then a student at the St. Roses Girls’ school. They met at an inter school soccer competition when both were in their final years and Michael immediately took a liking to her. He was too shy to approach her so sent someone to get that for him. She wrote “it was soon time for vacation and after being convinced for the 1000th time, I agreed to meet up with Michael at his Achimota residence to get to know him. We shared a few drinks and had a pretty lengthy chat till late and there, I realized that regardless of the fact that he was the perfect definition of a gentleman, He didn’t quite have great facial features and that was a total turn off for me. I couldn’t even picture myself kissing him or making love to him… so gross! It was almost time for me to go and Michael brought out upon noticing that brought out a present from under his pillow and handed it to me. Gosh! … It was the most beautiful necklace I had ever seen; He placed it around my neck and planted a soft unexpected kiss on my lips. She continued, “Not a day went by without Mike calling or texting to check on me but I still wasn’t moved. He was okay but he didn’t have the extra good looks to make him my prince charming. He however kept in touch and never ceased to make me feel good about myself… He did everything in his might to prove that he truly loved me. My holidays were perfect with Michael! He bought me gifts, introduced me to his single mum and siblings, his friends and never hesitated to tell anyone that I was his Queen… but it still wasn’t enough. Fast forward, I graduated and gained admission to the Kwame Nkrumah University of science and Technology and Michael gained entry to the Nation’s premier University, University of Ghana. Before admissions came out, I had four (4) months to relax and get myself together. The greatest mistake I made was to cheat on the only man who ever truly loved me with his best friend Dennis. I met Dennis on one of my visits to Michael’s end; he was a dark skinned guy with the perfect set of teeth and the cutest and pink-ish lips I had ever seen. His eyes were like fire which never stopped burning the core of my soul, his abs were perfectly ripped like a wire mesh and his muscles could be likened to that of Dwayne ‘the rock’ Johnson. … Now that’s my kind of man! I thought to myself.

“He waited for the perfect time when Michael wasn’t looking and slipped his card into my already opened purse; we started a conversation and the rest was history. Dennis knew his way around my body and gave the satisfaction I knew I could never have with Mike, his ‘head game was strong and pleased me enough to discover that I even had a g- spot all these while. This went on for about two months but what I didn’t know was, Mike was already aware that I was in talks with Dennis but had no idea we were already getting down and dirty. According to Dennis, Mike walked up to him one day and said ‘I know you’re seeing my girl but please do well not to have sex with her because I’m saving her up for a better day when the condition is right to do so.’ And right after that, he walked off with a smile. After a while, Mike somehow discovered that I was already sleeping with Dennis and out of sadness and disappointment he broke up with me but I couldn’t be perturbed. Dennis however started withdrawing from whatever it was that we had and made no time for me. After a whole semester of being in another unsuccessful relationship, I realized how stupid I had been to have done what I did to Mike. I gathered courage and called him one weekend while I was back home on vacation to beg him to take me back but I heard the unexpected. He interrupted my apology and said ‘Pee, I have been thinking about it too and I figured that I wasn’t fair to you. I haven’t been able to move on and I want us to start over again… we all make mistakes and I am sorry for lashing out at your weakness. I love you!’ what did I ever do deserve such a good guy? Sometimes I guess you have to accept your prince charming in whatever package they come. We scheduled to meet up the following weekend at his new Taifa residence to make up for lost times but due to some family emergencies I failed to show up but forgot to call Mike to inform him about the inconvenience. He stayed up all night waiting for me but because I didn’t show up without a reason, he decided to go hang out with his buddies in town. Upon return, He had a fatal accident on the Alajo highway and sustained various internal injuries. He went into a comma for three (3) days and finally gave up. Michael died basically because I failed to show up! I killed him Naya! I have never been at Peace and though I tried moving on, I must say that no man had ever loved me as truly as he did. I focused so much on his imperfect looks and wasted so much time with absolute nonsense. I still think about him so much and if only he were alive I believe I would have been married by now. I am now 26 and still can’t find that love I got from Mike with any other man. Please share my story so the young ladies out there can take a cue from it. Thanks Naya.”

So there you have it ladies… Mr. Right would never come with a 100% package of perfection. He may be handsome and have no time for you or  may be Ugly and have all the time in the world for you, He might even have a big head or nose with some crooked ears but once you weigh his negatives and positives you’d realize that hey! He’s not so bad after all! Do away with the unnecessary “must haves” and take your man whichever way they come before it’s too late. May be you won’t lose him to death but someone else might take him away and make you realize what you missed out on. If you find that your Prince is too shy to approach you please don’t wait for Jesus to come and push him towards you, sister! Just quit with the nonsense feminist pride, step up your game and propose to him. Time waits for no man!

By: Nana Yaa Asabea // facebook: Naya’s column// email: instagram: @naya_233



Guest Blog - The Other View

CHRIS KONEY: Adventure in South Africa’s ‘Jewel Of The Eastern Free State’



By the kind courtesy of South African Tourism West Africa, I recently spent a week in South Africa, three nights in one of South Africa’s hidden treasures, a small town by name Clarens. I was part of about thirty players within the tourism industry and media practitioners from Ghana and Nigeria for the 2017 South Africa Specialist experience.

Clarens is situated in the foothills of the Maluti Mountains in the Free State province of South Africa and nicknamed the “Jewel of the Eastern Free State”. Established in 1912, it is named after the town of Clarens in Switzerland where exiled and former South African president, Paul Kruger, spent his last days. Clarens can be found 336 kilometres away from Johannesburg and about three hours by road.

In his autobiography, Long Walk to Freedom, celebrated African legend, liberator and former South African President Nelson Mandela expressed his feelings for the Free State as follows: “the Free State landscape gladdens my heart, no matter what my mood. When I am here I feel that nothing can shut me in and that my thoughts can roam as far as the horizons“.

Clarens is an artists’ haven with many well-known artists either living in or frequenting the village, with many art galleries scattered around the village square and the town. The tranquil village ambience combined with scenic views and a mild climate has made Clarens a popular getaway for city dwellers from Johannesburg, Bloemfontein and Durban, among other places. Clarens is known for its spectacular sandstone mountains and wonderful climate; it is one of the most picturesque spots in South Africa.

The transfer from O.R Tambo International airport to Clarens was organized by leading tour management outfit, Thompsons Africa. The journey was quite shorter than anticipated with Tefo Legobate as our tour guide on the day. He is a true professional with an all-around and deep knowledge about the region, making it a great engagement with him. Themba Ndayi from Thompsons Africa, on the other hand, will come in as and when the need is to give valuable information about the Free State and also answer questions about tour management mechanisms across South Africa and beyond.

After our arrival in the town and looking around with some members of the team, we had to make my way to the Clarens Wellness Day Spa for a shea aroma therapeutic massage. After the forty-five-minute spa treatment, we then made our way to the Protea Hotel in Clarens for dinner before going to bed to get rejuvenated for the next day’s activities.

By 9 am the next morning, we were at the Clarens Xtreme to start what will be a day full of excitement. By the way, Clarens Xtreme, the Great Adventure People, as they are called is a team of energetic adventurers seeking to experience the real world with a grassroots approach to adventure and team building. They have created amazing adventures that are meaningful and memorable on the path less travelled with an extraordinary experience.

Individuals, as well as groups of up to hundred people, can be catered for at Clarens Xtreme. It could either be school or education camps, fun adventure camps or perfect corporate getaways with great activities for all ages, shapes and sizes. Activities offered at Clarens Xtreme include White Water Rafting, Abseiling, Archery, Hiking, Leadership Challenges, Traditional Games and Paintball. Others are Zipline, Geology / Dinosaur Fossils, Volleyball, Soccer, Cricket and much more.

There is also the Clarens Oxwagon Camp, a unique ox wagon camp which is situated 7 kilometres from Clarens on the farm Linwood. Accommodation consists of 14 authentic, restored ox wagons, each furnished with 4 single bunk beds for up to 8 people. Each wagon has a braai with table and chairs.

The wagon is fitted with a light but no electrical point. Communal ablutions include classic bucket showers with hot water available, hand basins and flush toilets. In addition, a communal kitchen for the use of all campers consists of a wash-up area, 4 plate gas stove, fridge and a kettle. The function venue consists of a big hall and lapa area ideal for groups up to 200 people. A terraced bank on the mountain side of hall serves as an amphitheatre, with the side of the hall as a stage are. The huge lapa is ideal for end of year functions, unique birthday parties and a great school camp.

Our adventure on the day commenced with the daring white river rafting which turned out to be an amazing experience. It comes with a lot of thrilling moments especially going through the rapids though perceived initially as scary and dangerous. I guess the professional guides on each raft makes participants feel comfortable knowing they are not on their own.

After hours of rafting going through five categories of rapids downstream, we moved on to the second and last activity for the day, the Mountain Quad Zip-Line. Zip-line, also known in South Africa as foefie slide, consists of a pulley suspended on a cable, usually made of stainless steel and mounted on a slope. It is designed to enable a user propelled by gravity to travel from the top to the bottom of the inclined cable by holding on to or attaching to the freely moving pulley. These two made our day giving us a totally outstanding experience.

Have you ever heard of the Basotho Cultural Village? That was where we spent the third and final day in the Free State, experiencing another spectacle of nature and learning the culture of an ethnic South African group. The Basotho Cultural Village nestles in the heart of the Qwaqwa Nature Park which recently has been incorporated into the world-renowned Golden Gate Highlands National Park.

The Basotho Cultural Village is a real cultural treasure with a simple and fascinating architecture of the South Sotho and a host of activities which tourists can take part in. The village celebrates the culture and tradition of the Sotho people – huts are built and furnished according to the time period and one can enjoy traditional dancing, cuisine and some time with the resident sangoma.

A big highlight of a visit to this cultural village was the various walks in and around the area, including the Matlakeng Herbal Trail. This walking trail takes the visitor on a walk through the grasslands and woodlands, with impressive views of gorgeous sandstone cliffs. An Ngaka (healer) and social ecologist guide visitors and locate an array of roots, herbs, grasses, leaves and bark that have healing properties.

Soon, it was time to pack our bags and move to our next destination, Cape Town, the Mother City.




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William Aseidu, Francis Doku, Mic Yamoah, others for ATWAG vetting – Slated for 2nd December 2017



After careful screening and selection of submitted nominations for Arts and Tourism Writers Association of Ghana (ATWAG) Executive positions, the Election Committee brings to the notice of the Candidates, Members, and the public at large, that, there shall be a vetting exercise come Saturday, 2nd December 2017.

The vetting panel, made of a 3-MEMBER revered personality in the Arts, Writing, Publishing, Tourism, Culture, Media, and Communication circles, seeks poised to do a professional and credible vetting to get the best Candidates to be voted for to become ATWAG Executives.

The vetting shall take place in the Board Room, Academic City, opposite Provident Insurance, Ring Road Central come Saturday, 2nd December 2017, at 9: 00 AM prompt.

Below are the names of Candidates selected for vetting for the various positions:

PRESIDENT: William Asiedu

VICE PRESIDENT: Francis Doku and Livingstone Lotsu


TREASURER: Frank Kwabena Owusu

ORGANISER: Mustapha Inusah and Isaac Kwaku Kpogeh

PRO: Eugene Osafo-Nkansah and Kwame Dadzie

RESEARCH OFFICER: David Mawuli and Vivian Abigail Oppong.

We wish all the Candidates the best of luck.


Arnold Asamoah-Baidoo

(Chairperson, ATWAG Electoral Commission)



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Guest Blog - The Other View

Kwame Gyan presents 2017 instalment of “Note to Christmas Borgers” – READ!



Indeed 2017 went skrrrahh, pap, pap, ka-ka-ka. Skidiki-pap-pap, and a pu-pu-pudrrrr-boom. And before we knew it, Skya, du-du-ku-ku-dun-dun. Poom, poom, you know. Ah well, it is that time of the year again. We started this in 2014 and this is already the 4th installment. That’s like JM’s term in office you know! Year has been so fast. Same time last year JM was President. Now Nana Addo is President for less than a year but feels like forever eh?

Ladies and gentlemen, my name is Kwame Gyan and I bring you the 2017 edition of our friendly advice and to some, warning to the many many Ghanaians who have been saving some Euros and Pounds and Dollars to come blow time in the motherland. Here we go:

  1. Please stop ordering us to wait for you at Kotoka a whole two hours before the projected touch down of your flight. You know you have been doing this almost every year, or once every two years. We don’t like it. Even if we don’t meet you have you forgotten the way to your homes? Hoh!


  1. Please when you get into town, leave your jacket and winter boots in your house until you are dressing up to head back to Kotoka and away to wherever you are doing your ‘any work’. We know the weather back in your abrokyire is cold. Don’t be a villager to wear fur coats in our 32° weather. Eye nkurasesem paaa. And yes, it is hot here.


  1. We know you are making money in obimanso. We also know that you pay plenty tax. And some of you still owe the visa contractor who did your connection for you so your cash level no shada dey up. Don’t come and spend all the money you have saved buying champagne in clubs and spreading people like your father is Mugabe or Dangote. If you do the too known and go back, we won’t send you kapreba. Yoooo!


  1. If you bought something for someone last year and you come and you see him or her still wearing it, you don’t need to shout and say “eei you are still wearing this jeans I bought from Next? Efata wo paaa ooo”. Please we know you still have jeans you bought 5 years ago. We know before you left you wore clothes saaa until they were tired of alterations so stop that nonsense. You like that!


  1. As we told you last year, we are not villagers like that oo. You can’t buy as £2 and $5 shirts and tops and expect us to roll on the floor in excitement. We know it when what you give us is cheap. Oh we will say thank you. But don’t expect us to behave as if you just gave us a Saville Row suit or an Armage cologne.


  1. Please we know what the exchange rate is. We know. We don’t need the needless reminder. We also know that you know the exchange rate. Stop the too known and come and melt your Euros and Pounds and Dollars in piece. Stop that!


  1. Mall Update: Kumasi Mall has come oooo. We also heard the things you heard. Leave Kumasi people alone. I have seen plenty people walk into malls to buy 90 pesewas bottled water and spend the rest of the time taking photos. You also do same when you go to those fancy shops of yours. Let us think.


  1. Kyinkyinga has gained prominence again ooo my people. Right now kyinkyinga sellers can blow up fuel stations and the blast will not even affect the stones on the zinc roofing sheets placed over their grill. Massa it is not easy oo. You ask Kojo Yankson of Joy FM. He will tell you the whole story. Oh, the kyinkyinga people have not changed by the way: same price, smaller meat, bigger sticks. Don’t be too disappointed.


  1. Abrokyire boys, borgerfuo, do not come and spoil our girls and spoil the market for the local boys. Don’t open their mouths so wide that when you leave they are not content with our fianga pockets. Play with the girls you came with, and let’s play with ours. You girls too why do you always allow them to do that to you. I don’t gerrit.


  1. Has Ghana Police changed? For the where? They should change to what? You had better keep loose 5 cedi notes on you for the “massa we are here oooo”. If you break a traffic rule though, add some zero to the 5. And those of you who think you are home so you want to smoke that smoke, if you get caught you may have to add at least two zeros to the 5.


  1. We tell you this all the time: Please don’t ask us with a frown a hundred times about how it is like to live in Ghana and how you could never do that. You asked us last year and the year before. It has gotten old. Abufusem didn’t you live here before? Or your great grandfather gave birth to your grandfather in Liverpool and he gave birthday to your father in Liverpool and your father and mother popped you in Manchester?


  1. We told you about Uber last time, right? Well, it has grown and become bigger paaa. Our young gers have taken it like World Cup. Please just turn your location on and Uber yourself away. Again, if you do that your Abrokyire-Ghana comparison don’t be surprised if the Uber driver gives it to you. You can give him one star rating, he would have cleared his chest anyway. Remember we also use smartphones here eh? And yes, Uber is here and once you update your location and you order an Uber, it won’t be a car from West Virginia or Birmingham or Frankfurt that will show up wai. Stop that thing you do. Chances are that every small car you see in the road is an Uber. Just look for the phone holder on the dashboard.


  1. Yo, we don’t need YOU to tell US what the Christmas music list in Ghana is. So let’s tell you who the current biggest artists are or the songs we will eat bronya with: Kuami Eugene (the guy who sang Angela), KIDI (he sang Odo Yewu and one other popular song like that), Ebony – that girl who has no more than a handkerchief-size of material on all her clothes. She also sang I will Date Your Fada, Sponsor and some songs. Of course Shatta Wale, Sarkodie, Stonebwoy are the usual big boys on the list. Wutah have had the commonsense to realise that individually they are almost as useless as used toilet paper so they got back together and have an aptly titled sing called Bronya. Oh there is a guy called Patapaa. He has sang all the songs he will ever sing. It is called One Corner.


  1. Ei! I almost forgot. After 21 tries, Captain Planet has a hit song ooo. It is called Obi agye obi girl. He has tried saaaa and mentioned every girl’s name in 20,000 songs but still chale we were not seeing him. But now he has hit the jackpot ooo. But guys, do you agree Captain Planet should have just sang the chorus and not attempted a rap on the track? The rap be some way but the chorus dey bee. Anaa?


  1. Yes, Man’s Not Hot started from a studio in London. But we got it on whatsapp and Facebook and Twitter the same time those of you in Antwerp, Baltimore, Alberta and Lagos did. Don’t come and yell, “shiiite you guys have this song here too?”. It is not as if that song is anything out of the top biaaa too. And oh Michael Dapaah, AKA Big Shaq will be doing shows in Ghana wai.


  1. Please we love Mexican and Indian telenovelas paaa. UTV shows at least two of them running throughout the week. Adom TV has been showing an Indian one called Kukum Bagya for almost two years now, and from the look of things, they will be showing it for at least 5 more years. Oh, Abbi and Pragya, the leading characters even came to Ghana to break bread with their fans. The bread cost only 600 cedis moom. They even want to invite the main characters here to meet with their fans. It’s not easy oo. Warning: Do not try to change the channel in any home, else you risk what you don’t want to risk.


  1. While you are here, remember that in Ghana, whatever the government says, the opposition must oppose, and they must not necessarily oppose with suggestions. We are not like your people. Even if government says, ‘we shall stop galamsey which is spoiling our environment”, the opposition will say “the government is insensitive and is denying people of working”. That’s how we are. We like our democracy like that.


  1. Please the boys, if you meet any beautiful girl with nice fantabulous ASSets and she’s korkorr please pause and ask yourself this question: is my immediate atupa worth the potential wahala of tomorrow, which may include vivid description of your totoli, the transpo you give, and how well or otherwise you do the do? Giovanni chale how be? KOD all correct? Kojo Yankson where you dey do your ‘aboy’ for?


  1. Every year we tell you this but some of you have made your ears as hard as Francis Doku’s forehead so you don’t listen. We will keep saying it. Please don’t forget your malaria prophylaxis else your gluteus muscle will have to bear the pain of artemether in a G25 needle without an analgesic; your only consolation will be ” sorry 3y3 wo ya? Kafra.. Kafra.. 3b3 k) wa.


  1. Herh if you haven’t been told here our Facebook fights are not children ooo. If you like ask Maame Afia Akoto and Sam George or ask the High Commissioner to South Africa. When Ghana Facebook take you on, they take you on. Ask Kwame Gyan (oh that’s me eh) too. Or some guy called KOA and another one called Pope. Please don’t try to logically understand some of the fights. You won’t understand them if you attempt making sense of some.


  1. Oh there is a new group in town called PepperDemMinistries. What do they do? Oh they fight for female and girl child rights by insulting all men and blaming men for everything including why night comes after day and why our feet face forward and not backwards when we walk. Let’s just say they are taking the gender, woman rights fights a few notches lower. If you fool with them they way they will insult you and your unborn generation eh! Hmmm. For writing this, consider me fried. They will tell us how useless these series have been though the smile and laugh in their rooms.


  1. Please take note that the social media space in Ghana is manned and marshalled by armies and nations whose members and leaders feel they are a nation state and so they don’t play child’s play. I won’t say anything. I have no armies of nations to defend me when they attack so I leave it here.


  1. Every year we talk about that your irritating Yankee or British accent that you bring into this town. See, lose that accent before you enter the Ghana airspace. No, in fact, lose it at the immigration of the country you are coming from before you get onto the tarmac. See, we know you ooo. We know you can speak like us pepeeepe so don’t come trying to do that rubbish. What! For the last time, once again, before you come here to speak English in a way that will have us asking you “pardon, pardon, pardon”. See, Kofi Annan has stayed in New York longer than you but he speaks normal English. In fact, if you start that your nonsense accent, we will insult you.


  1. Please the potholes are still there. You may remember some particular pothole your taxi run into that made you spill a drink in your beautiful looking £5 dress. Well, that pothole is still there. It was filled ooo but somehow it opened again and brought along with it some friends. So please get ready. Oh but Nana Addo will sort out all those issues soon.

®Kwame Gyan

|Twitter: @KwameGyan|Facebook: Kwame Gyan|Web:|IG:kwame.gyan



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Guest Blog - The Other View

GUEST BLOG: Telenovelas And Excess Brainwashing Of The Ghanaian Woman



The issue of the high patronage of telenovelas and other soap operas in Ghana has been going on for a while now. From the days of Acapulco bay, passions, to the top most trending Mexican telenovelas like Esmeralda, Juana la virgin, Rosalinda, Maria de los Angeles, cuando sias mia, el cuerpo de deseo, what life took from me etc. It could be argued that, a lot of time and attention have been generously invested into these soap operas.

Women are mostly renowned for their constant interest in almost anything that fully expresses love coupled with a dose of intense passion; and Ghanaian women are no exception! Our market women (who have now become movie directors and producers in their own right), would sit for hours on end to literally debate and sometimes even argue over some specific scenes which in a way didn’t turn out the way they expected.

However, it is an undeniable fact that the kind of “’dramatic romantic love” depicted in our favorite Mexican telenovelas has greatly affected the psychological thought pattern of Ghanaian women by pushing us to raise the bar of our expectations and also redefining the meaning of true happiness in our marriages and relationships.

Let me just use myself as an example. I was (and probably still is) addicted to series from the Mexican Telemundo, Televisa or whatever the name of the production house is. I never made it a point to miss any of those series but whenever I was hindered by circumstances beyond my control, I trusted UTV, TV3, Metro TV or whichever channel in question to grace me with a cool repetition on a Sunday afternoon. These movies successfully shaped up my thought pattern and gave me a definition of what LOVE should be and feel like. Anytime I saw Fernando Jose fight for the love of Rosalinda in the open or whenever I watched Octavio and Marie Cruz go for a swim in the lake as he gently kissed and caressed her body under the sun, placed those lilies in her hair and tried every single day to make her see how he dearly loved her beyond doubt; I always imagined it being done to me instead.

I can boldly say today, that many of my failed relationships were as a result to paying so much attention to these soap operas. I expected so much from my partners in terms of passion and in our day-to-day activities and whenever they couldn’t make that up to me, I would then conclude with my then popular phrase, “He doesn’t love me enough.”  there were times I would deliberately walk out in an argument and expect my partner to run after me and hug me from behind and whisper in my ears and say “I love you baby, I will never let you go” just like what Mauricio de la vega would tell Juana la virgen… dreamy right?

What we fail to realize as Ghanaian or African women is that, those exhibitions portrayed as love in those series is not the actual deal in reality! There is no running and kissing in the rain with lilies or roses in our hair, there is no swimming naked in the lake forever! In real life, there are arguments, 60% understating and even care, there is stress, there is something called a job which consumes almost your entire life, there is something called space, heart breaks and there are tears… real salty bitter tears which are mostly shed on pillows at night!

The addiction to these telenovelas can literally cause depression. Since they are mostly designed to suit the minds of women, you’d notice that every single scene shows you what you think you might be missing in your real love life; you’re given a new concept of what happiness should be and how your life must go so once you’re denied your new expectation of love, over thinking sets in, then depression comes to stay.

It’s okay to enjoy these series once in a while without getting too involved and attached. We as women should cease to place ourselves in positions where we would be easily swayed and brainwashed to the extent of wrecking our very own marriages and relationships.

It’s okay to love and to desire for happiness in relationships but do not let it be defined by another man’s creation or concept you see on your television. It’s about time we understood that real love in real life is undefined!

BY: Nana Yaa Asabea// email: instagram: @naya_233// twitter: @naya__233




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There are many options to consider when contemplating an investment opportunity – there are shares, bonds, and tons of other opportunities provided by an always active market.

And then there’s gold.

The mineral of choice for royalty throughout history, gold has many uses besides its utility as an investment tool.

However, this article is to talk about why gold stands out as an avenue for investment.

Many other forms of investment are more common than buying up gold, but gold possesses some unique advantages over stocks, bonds and good old cash in hand. Most especially because in times of trouble, people find solace in the long guaranteed security of gold holdings.

Below are ten reasons why you should go out and get yourself some gold reserves right about now…



Quite simply, gold has historically held its value, even in times of great financial volatility. So whether it’s as a short or long term investment, you’re guaranteed value for your money.

Holds against inflation

Inflation tends to reduce the value of investments but not that of gold, which historically tends to increase in value as cost of living rises. For the investor, it’s an excellent hedge against when things get hot in the economy.


On the other hand, when an economy suffers from deflation, Gold prices actually soar. So either way, your investment is secured.


Gold is quite rare on the planet, even though it doesn’t look like it. Because it’s a naturally occurring element which has to be mined and not a human creation like currency and other means of trading, gold is quite rare in relatively.

A substance that rare has immense value as market forces indicate. When demand is high and supply is low, prices soar.

Strengthens as Dollar Weakens

Historically, the dollar has been the world’s foremost trade currency, due in large part to the U.S’ status as the world’s most powerful nation – but it has never been the strongest performing currency. And gold prices inevitably soar as the performance of the dollar falls as people try to put their currency in other forms in such times.

Soars in times of Political Uncertainty

We live in a time of geopolitical uncertainty all over the world, and despite what one might think, gold prices actually go high in such times. The one guarantee that makes gold survive almost all crises is that people trust in its certainty during uncertain times and flock to it, raising its price.

Soars in times of Financial Uncertainty

Just like in times of political uncertainty, gold prices rise in times of financial uncertainty, and the reason for that is largely the same. Gold has always held value to man and is one of the oldest forms of currency we have. When people panic over a financial meltdown, they run to what they know would always have value – gold.

Provides Secure Back-Up To Other Investments

The biggest mistake any investor can make is pouring their money into stocks and bonds and neglect the safe guarantee of gold. As we’ve seen over and over, factors that make other forms of investment go down makes gold go high.


Gold is the jewellery of choice for royalty all over the world and thus has immense value in relation to other items. And owning gold always means you have the option to sell it not just on the financial market, but on your own to a lined up buyer, or to use it for your own purpose. And as we’ve established the value of gold is usually pretty high due to its rarity.


As investments go, you can scarcely do better than good old gold. Everyone knows it has value and it has maintained that value for millennia. It survives all times of crisis, be it economic or political, and it rises even when other forms of investments fall. Gold is secure, gold is familiar and gold is valuable – and people always prove that by flocking to gold when they think they’re in trouble. That alone shows why gold would always be an incredible route for investment.

By Menzgold Ghana Limited, a fully owned Ghanaian company that undertakes dealership in Gold, Diamonds and other precious stones and metals.

Menzgold Ghana is committed to putting smiles on the faces of its loyal customers and the general public and build a formidable business partnership that will be mutually beneficial.




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Call for Nominations !! Arts and Tourism Writers Association of Ghana (ATWAG) Executive Committee Elections



After many years of putting their house together, giant personalities in Ghana’s arts, culture, tourism, and showbiz writing circles have formed a well-knit association known as the Arts and Tourism Writers Association of Ghana (ATWAG).

The association, which is duly registered embraces the culture, entertainment and tourism writers, publishers, culture and arts advocates.

Currently, it has a membership of 60 drawn from notable media houses including the Ghana Broadcasting Corporation (GBC), Graphic Communications Group Limited, Excellence In Broadcasting (EIB), the Despite Group of Companies, Global Media Alliance, the Multimedia Group of Companies and Media General. The association also has many reputable freelance writers and bloggers.

After the registration of the association and completion of other necessary paperwork, the Electoral Committee of ATWAG hereby calls for the nomination of registered members of the association to vie for the following positions:

  1. President
  2. Vice-President
  3. Secretary
  4. Treasurer
  5. Organiser
  6. Research Officer
  7. Public Relations Officer

Members interested in contesting for any of the offices listed above should express their interest in writing addressed to the Chairman, ATWAG Electoral Committee through email – by providing the following details:

  •   Full name of Candidate
  •   Position of Interest
  •   Organisation
  •   Position/ Designation
  •   Telephone Number (s)
  •   Email

The nomination should reach the Chairperson not later than 13TH November 2017. Thank you.


Arnold Asamoah-Baidoo

(Chairperson, ATWAG Electoral Committee)



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