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#ENEWSGHAdesa: The Flood – by Michael Thompson



Santa Maria, January 2


The fiery flame was vaporizing my wax; I was growing shorter by the minute. Cached in one corner on a Milo tin on top of an old wall unit between mold-smeared walls and furniture, under rotting window frames, silhouetted against peeling paint flaunting damp patches, my drooling wax was the least of my concerns. It was the rain. It was threatening the leaking aluminium roofing sheets with torrential patters. As Sima lifted her bathed baby from the plastic basin to wipe it, she realised I was almost dead.

“I need to replace this candle, but your drunken father is now sprawled in his own vomit at the liquor shop, I know. Who will go out to get candles now?” I could hear her grumbling to herself.

Just then I heard paws pounding on the door amidst incessant whining as though the pounder was being pursued, and as Sima stretched to turn the knob while clutching her baby this way, the family dog rushed in, shaking off droplets of rainwater from its fur.

“The rain might get worse. I have to go buy some candles quickly,” Sima finally resolved.

She left me and the dog in charge of the baby, who was lying on the mattress in peaceful slumber with the basin at the bed’s foot, unperturbed by the heavy downpour. I continued to light their darkness, yet not for long…



My cloud-sons are locking airs again, thundering and spitting rapid fire at one another. They were condensed hence had to splash their fury on earth. So they splashed, softly and rationally at first, until even I, the Sky god, could neither rest nor control them. I noticed as Sima, coated in hand-made polythene robe waded through the sparse puddles of water to get candles ahead of what might be a long, dark night.

I quivered at the consequence of what mere mortals would have to bear as a result of defiling the earth goddess, and spitting fume in my own face. Man has pushed me to my extremes. When I rain, I pour. When I burn, I scorch. I quivered for Sima and the little mortal she had abandoned in the darkness. She splashed and stumbled out of the marsh in which their house was seated; past the gutter her husband had built their house by; up the dumpsite along the snaky pathway with scattered household units arranged in no coherent pattern. I heard her thoughts: “If these trees hadn’t been cut, people would not have built their houses in the water’s way”.

The trees had been sawed into strong planks to construct a small bridge across a deep gorge created by the furious splashes of my cloud-sons. Sima trod cautiously over the bridge.

My cloud-sons splashed more rapidly…

“Can I get two candlesticks, please,” Sima requested, wholly drenched by the rain.

“Ei Aunty Sima, you hardly visit us these days,” the little attendant sparked off some conversation as she hopped onto a stool in order to reach the shelf.

“Was Oko Papa here today?” Sima moved on to weightier matters.  Oko Papa was her husband. Everybody called him that.

“Yes oo. He took two shots of the regular, danced around for a while and headed home when the sky threatened grey”. I hated her garrulous tongue, yet Sima seemed apathetic.  She had grown immune to his buffoonery.

Before she could pay for the candlesticks, the attendant pointed her finger precipitously with shock on her face.

“Look, Aunty Sima,” she screamed, “The bridge is being washed away.”

Initially, I felt the severity of the situation did not dawn on Sima judging by her lax approach to the news, until she opened her eyes in horror and exclaimed, “My baby”.

I observed from my Sky throne- hands tied- a poor mother dashing through the rain in utmost despair and fright for her lonely baby about to drown. And true, the gorge was her dead end. For when she got to it she noticed the rain had swept the wooden bridge away, filling the gorge to its brim and copiously cascading down the dumpsite towards their home with such rough force.  She started yelling for help, but the rain drowned her voice…



The situation was getting dire. I had almost burnt my wick to my own death, save several inches sitting in the liquid of my wax. Yet I gave the baby a faint glow of hope. The rain was crawling in from underneath the door. It had filled the room, swallowing the legs of the bed, with the plastic basin floating tumultuously atop. The dog was barking and howling, loud enough to awaken the sleeping baby who started a little supplication for relief on its own, shrieking and kicking.

I was thankful when the door squeaked open.

Oko Papa staggered into the room, his eyes blood-shot, wielding a liquor bottle, sensing danger yet too drunk to react swiftly. He fell heavily in the pool, and dragged himself through it to reach his blood.

The door was ajar. The water flooded the room rapidly. The rain crept up the wall unit and swept away the Milo tin on which I stood. I fell, a splash…BLACKOUT!



Sima was still waiting by the gorge when her neighbours arrived with her baby, clad in warm clothes, safe and cackling.

“We found her floating in the basin”.

Sima held her baby guardedly, as she would a missing but found nugget.

“He drowned while trying to save your baby, we presume”, one man told Sima as Oko Papa’s body was ferried by on a board by do-gooders, all wrapped in a traditional funeral cloth.


Nii Moi Thompson

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Guest Blog - The Other View

Kelly Mensah resigns as Ghana Dancers Association VEEP



Social media Influencer and Ghana Dancers Association vice president Kelly Nii Lantey Mensah has resigned from his position. In a letter copied to, he cited several reasons.

Here is the full letter unedited.



Accra, GHANA

Dear President,

I accepted the nomination and was duly elected by the majority of the Executive Body as Vice President of the Ghana Dancers Association -GHADA gave our shared commitment and dedication to the welfare of dancers in Ghana.

I have exerted all perseverance to put aside equal assignments and engagements to work diligently despite clear challenges because of my belief that dancers in the industry deserve no less.

However, I have come to a stage in meeting new responsibilities as the CEO of EoD Partners, Board Member for Ghana Kids Choice Awards, Ghana Tertiary Awards and other personal engagements; which have efficiently made it extremely challenging for me to execute my job as the Vice President of the Association.

Various directives and resolutions agreed on by the Executive body since its inception almost 6 months ago are yet to see the light of day.

With due respect. I am tendering my resignation as Ghana Dancers Association Vice President effective immediately.

Many thanks.


Christian Kelly Nii Lartey Mensah

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Guest Blog - The Other View

These social media personalities are changing the world through social media and this is how



Contrary to the perception that social media is all fun and games, these individuals are using the platform as a tool to reach and change lives. As the number of active social media users in Ghana grows day-in and day-out (from 2.6 million users in January 2016 to 4.6 million in January 2017), social causes have become a part of the bargain and these individuals have taken it a notch higher.

  • Ato Ulzen: He is a blogger and director of Ghana Think Foundation, geared at fostering the culture of volunteerism in the Ghanaian youth. Ato popularly known as Abocco has been able to build a collision of change agents who through social media organize to mentor and teach in a community by community outreached themed BarCamp and Junior Camp (High school students). He worked at Google as a program manager building sustainable tech communities in Africa among other portfolios he has held from Rancard to co-founding The MIT and Stanford University trained social entrepreneur leads a revolution that brings around over 2,000 young individuals who are willing to serve and grow while helping others grow.
  • Nana Aba Anamoah: building a solid profile as a broadcaster has led Nana Aba to different initiatives but the one that is getting the youth of Ghana excited is her ‘Raising Readers’ campaign. The initiative has seen communities reading with celebrities and public figures from Ex-President Rawlings to Ameyaw Debrah to Electoral Commission Chairwoman, Charlotte Osei among others. The initiative continues to inspire readers among pupils with a rally of child advocates to authors. She has won the admiration of social media users as well as a cross-section of the general public.
  • Tatas and Friends: kenkey which is more or less a staple in Accra taken on another role as a charity meal. Identifying that people love to enjoy their kenkey with fish, fried egg among other compliments, Caritas Aryee (Tatas) and friends have devised a strategy that brings together kenkey lovers for a feast that generates money for charity. The team has been doing the ‘Kenkey for the Need’ feast for the past 4 years and has grown into an event people plan their year around. The event draws celebrity endorsements and always ends with a jam.
  • Ampe League: these bunches joins the list with a hybrid of health served in a fun and sporty way. In its fourth year, Ampe League has championed causes from women’s health to mental health and continue to engage young Ghanaians on serious issues affecting their lives. Dubbed as an event that brings together the young at heart through health talk, food fair and games has found an interesting twist to the not-so-interesting issues of health.

At the maiden edition of Social Media Week Accra, we will explore the opportunities available for social causes, and improvement in society through Social Media and Technology. Several experts will through workshops and panels help participants understand how to grow their NGOs, improve society and benefit from the new world that social media offers us.


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Guest Blog - The Other View

LYDIA FORSON: Recognizing the POWER in your VOICE



It’s always flattering to hear compliments from strangers about things I’ve said; but the truth is I often leave wondering why they think I’m so special.

Granted I maybe louder than most(yea yea I know) , but I don’t think I’m any different from the Wakye seller with a long line of eager clients.

The thing is, we all have a voice, one that can be powerful if we recognize it.

But what we choose to use that for is entirely up to us.

Just remember that history will remember the path we chose because it will be the legacy we leave behind.

So always be mindful of the things you say and do, and the impact you will have in people’s lives.

This doesn’t mean you won’t make mistakes, that’s a part of your growth, but being aware of the story you’re writing means you’ll make an effort to ensure each chapter is a page turner.

So today, take advantage of the power in your voice, make yourself heard and leave a footnote in history.

Because someday, your story will be told and if you’re lucky even studied in schools; so make it an unforgettable one.


Credit: Lydia Forson

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Guest Blog - The Other View

Araba Sey: The growing thirst of today’s youth in wanting to become models



The alarming rate at which the interest, desperation and enthusiasm for modelling among today’s youth are shocking.In today’s world (21st Century) technology has taken over hence the use of social media by most people and especially over 50% of the youth.

The social media compulsion has caused a lot of the youth to become desperate and unhesitant to involve themselves in certain activities or professions to fit into the social media class.

It is worth mentioning that Modeling has become one of the major or topmost careers that almost every young girl or guy wants to venture into.The precise words from the lips of most people nowadays are, “Every girl says she is a model”.

We then ask ourselves; is it just about the fame, money, pride, attention, luxury life etc that comes with being a model or it’s the passion, focus, determination, zeal and quest to inspire people that drives them into the modelling field.

The spring up of models without focus and a proper understanding of modelling in today’s world have made models/professional models in general and the Modeling Industry seem like a joke and insignificant.The respect and acknowledgement of models and the Modeling Industry should I say has almost faded or faded away.

This state of despair among the youth to become models is quite appalling.In the sense that, most of these young girls do not mind sleeping with men who promise to give them exposure and make them top models.Is this not an obvious and hungry desire for fame?

The way some girls dress indecently and carry themselves about calling themselves models is also very distressing.There are some who call themselves models but take way unprofessional photos or don’t know how to portray professionalism in their photos.

You come across their photos and get stunned to know they are actually models. Some just don’t meet the physical requirements and other requirements to be models but their crazy thirst for modelling would make them take up any task or cross any bridge to be models.

All these have caused or created a negative perception about models in general and modelling as a career.It is disheartening to know that people no longer see modelling as a career or profession.

To be a model doesn’t only mean having a pretty face and posing in front of a camera smiling.It takes more than what the eye meets or sees.There is more of passion, guts to play different roles, zeal, focus, composure and determination.

To make the choice of becoming a model make sure you possess these qualities and decide wisely.Let’s all make the Modeling industry a better one.

Araba Sey is a Ghanaian model

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Guest Blog - The Other View

NaYa’s Column: I give her money…she still denies me sex



 Is this fair?                                     

Doris Koomson and I have been in a committed relationship for about a year now.

Not a day goes by without us speaking to each other; I would usually flood her phone with love notes I had carefully prepared just to make her feel loved, how perfect! She however denies me the one thing I need from her… SEX!

Why are some women just wicked? I mean, after allowing spend some good money on luxurious shopping and weekend vacations at some notable resorts for her, she still finds it hard to just bust it open for me. Honestly Naya, I think she’s being deliberately unfair to me.

One evening after work, I decided to send her some naughty messages to prepare her mind for what was coming. God being so good she responded with equally naughty messages which instantly gave me a hard on. With all confidence, I walked to her front door and knocked as hard as I could; she let me in with a nice warm hug as she pressed her boobs hard against my chest which made me say to myself, “I’m really getting some tonight.”

We cuddled in her bed and shared some ice cream but one thing was obvious, I just couldn’t take my eyes off her think gorgeous body as my mind wandered deep into the world of naughty fantasies. I reached out for my phone and began to play her favorite song “freak me baby by silk”; Naya, I even went ahead to sing along to it just to alert her that I was ready to give her some good old ‘D’. I touched her as I sang,

Let me lick you up and down till you say stop
Let me play with your body, baby, make you real hot
Let me do all the things you want me to do
‘Cause tonight, baby, I wanna get freaky with you

As soon as I was about to unzip her skirt at the second verse, she yelled “Franklin stop it! What’s the meaning of this? I just had my period and I can’t do this… at least not today.” I know you’d say it’s okay for her to say that but Naya, I wouldn’t be writing to you if that was my first time getting this excuse from her. Just like that I put my shirt back on and walked shamefully out of her room; i realized how this lady has been playing me for a fool. I feel like her Mugu (a wealthy man who is only as useful as his money). Naya please don’t ask me to be patient with her because this has gone on for far too long, one year is enough to tolerate all these. I really love Doris and I’m not in for just a hit and run. I’m a man and I have needs too, why can’t she rub my back like I do hers? I can’t just go out there to have sex with anyone at all, because she is the woman I intend on spending the rest of my life with and I’ve given her that respect so I don’t mind getting down with her… what more does a man need?

Her excuses have gone stale and I’m honestly getting fed up.

From Facebook user: Franklin (actual name withheld)

Women can be very funny creatures sometimes dear; it’s all up to you to open your eyes wide to observe every single detail. First of all, she is not obliged to give you sex because you spend on her and you’re not under any pressure to shower luxury so do not base your worry on that fact at all. I’m sure you do what you do willingly and out love so let her ‘bust it open’ for you in her own time. You should enquire about her previous relationships and how it ended and that could give you a clue. Some happy women have deep scars in hearts from past failed relationships. Some gave up their body, time, and focus to some guy out there who only took her granted; notice where she nearly gave in to you at a point but pushed you away? Yeah she probably had a replay of a past failed relationship. Just talk to her, ask her questions and get intimate with her MIND and you’ll find the answers you need. So it’s either that, or she’s just not into you hun!

BY: Nana Yaa Asabea

You can send in your views to:

Facebook: Nana Yaa Asabea/Naya’s Column// email: //instagram: @naya_233



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Guest Blog - The Other View

Up-close with Deputy Information Minister Nana Ama Dokua




This week on Naya’s Column, we’re privileged to host the Affable Deputy Minister of Information and the current Member of Parliament for Akuapem North Constituency who also happens to be the 2nd female to be featured on our weekly personality blog.

Speaking to the column on why she chose to join the NPP, the assertive law maker answered, “The ideologies of the NPP had a connection with my personal ideologies and thus, there was no alternative in joining any other Political Party than the NPP. I am of the belief that, among the other political parties in Ghana, it is only the NPP that can Champion and drive the country to prosperity and create equal opportunities for all and not a selected few.”

Though a gender activist, Hon Dokua has keen interest in the wellbeing of the female faculty by encouraging young ladies to take their studies serious and most importantly, have a good self esteem.

Hon. Nana Ama Dokua Asiamah-Adjei who hails from Akropong and Amonokrom Akwapem was born to Nana Osae Nyampong IV and Mrs. Aforo Asiamah-Adjei. Having spent all her life in Accra and Akropong Akwapim, Hon. Dokua started her basic Education at Alsyd Academy, proceeded to St. Roses’ Senior High School and furthered her education thereafter.

As determined as Nana is and having exceptional business leadership qualities, she ventured into the entrepreneurial world where she established and managed top notch businesses from production through to logistics.

Charged to be challenged, Nana Ama took the bold step to dive into the world of politics. She contested the Parliamentary primaries on the ticket of the New Patriotic Party (NPP) and ultimately won the 2016 Presidential and parliamentary elections thus, was duly elected as the Member of Parliament for Akuapem North Constituency. To perfectly crown her victory, The Honorable Minister was nominated by the President, His Excellency Nana Addo Danquah Akuffo Addo and subsequently approved by parliament as the Deputy Information Minister. She is also a member of the Parliamentary select committee on Defense and Interior in addition to being a member of the House Committee.

She further stated, “Coupling the status of a Parliamentarian and a deputy Minister comes with its own challenges but in all, I am motivated and inspired to work hard to serve the interest of my people and make my country a better place to dwell.”

Nana Ama is blessed with exceptional qualities such as being a good team player and a detail Oriented individual. She enjoys reading and knitting at her leisure hours and above all, enjoys the company of hardworking individuals who are determined to act and succeed regardless of the challenges available.

As a mother of two lovely girls, she described the combination of parenting and political life and a bit challenging but with proper planning and good time management, she is able to balance these two with perfection.

Wrapping up with her favorite quote with a smile, she said, “Naya, We only RISE by lifting others.”

By: Nana Yaa Asabea

Email: // instagram: @naya_233 //facebook: Nana Yaa Asabea// twitter:@naya__233

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