Finally. It is here. The long awaited single of reunited duo Wutah, is out today.

AK47 is produced by CeediGH and sees the two at their best, staying with the Wutah of old quality.

A successful story whose split in 2009 broke many hearts, they both attempted solo careers with Afriyie’s, the most visible.

In what is yet the loudest call for any defunct Ghanaian music group to stage a comeback, they were inundated with appeals from fans over the last seven years and only gave in recently. READ THIS

Yet one of the biggest in the recent history of Ghanaian music groups, they were discovered during the Nescafe Africa Revelation competition in 2004, where they came second to the defunct (trio) and now struggling Praye (duo).

Credited with huge hits such as Adonko, Big Dreams, and Goosey Gander, they won enough awards during their successful years.

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