The saddest thing about betrayal is that it never comes from your enemies.

This week on Naya’s column, we’ll be reviewing a letter from Suzzy Akua Oppong; an elegant lady in her late thirties (30’s) with a well-paying job. Suzzy had the shock of her life when her closest cousin stole her fiancé in about seven (7) months to their wedding. Read the full letter below and don’t forget to share your views and comments with us via

“Life has a way of teaching us the most bitter lessons the hard way… to be afflicted with hurt by the one you thought loved you is equal or worse than being stabbed inside out. My cousin, Jessy, was more like a sister to me; we relied on each other for almost everything. People who had no idea of our relation often mistook us for lesbians because of how we depicted our unbreakable bond in public. We worked only three (3) blocks away from each other hence made it easier to have lunch together almost every day. Our mothers were twin sisters and that sort of influenced the bond between my sweet cousin and me, so it wasn’t surprising when Jessy took a sudden liking to me from childhood.

One other person I had such a similar connection with was Peter Alidu, my good looking fiancé of four (4) years. It was a norm for peter to be seen in our company (my cousin and me) especially on weekends and I couldn’t help but realize how the two got extremely close and comfortable with each other; I never grew suspicious nor suspect any form of foul play because after all, she was family and would never do anything to hurt or crush my emotions. Peter first spotted Jessy on my WhatsApp display picture (D.P) some months ago, he immediately called to enquire about that ‘sexy lady flaunting her legs all over my WhatsApp’. I immediately introduced her briefly; he further pushed me to invite her on our next trip to Tamale to which I foolishly agreed.

Days went by swiftly and soon, it was time for us to embark on the long awaited tamale trip. Peter had zero tolerance for lateness so I made sure I was on right on time at the airport; as early as 6am that fateful Saturday to round up my household chores, bathe and also finish up the longest/most technical battle every sophisticated woman tackles every active day, ‘applying a flawless make up’. I had to beat that face to my satisfaction hence waking up earlier than the scheduled 11am meet up implied that I had ample time to SLAY my face to the glory of God. I met up with Peter at the local airport at the scheduled time just to avoid all the usual drama he puts up whenever I’m late and my cousin on the other hand was nowhere to be found.  She however sent a text that she’d arrive in 30 minutes but what surprised me was the fact that, Peter was overly calm about it. Hmm!

We spent the entire weekend at the plush residence of my boo’s God father in Tamale. Peter then thought it wise to hook my cousin up with his God father who was at that time divorced with three (3) children; they got acquainted with each other quite well and exhibited a solid bond.

Things started falling apart when we arrived in Accra; Peter stopped calling me every day like he normally did, he became very distant and refused to answer my calls with the “too busy” excuse. My cousin on the other hand kept informing me about how nice a person my boo was and also chipped in how he calls her everyday via WhatsApp video call (the first signal I overlooked)… strange indeed! My cousin frequently flew to Tamale “to see her man” and whenever I called make enquiries about it, she’d brush me off. She miraculously got a new job offer in one of the reputable banking firms in the nation which didn’t quite sit well with me so satisfy my curiosity I called my boyfriend to enquire if he knew anything about this latest development and to my uttermost surprise he did. I must admit that I was indeed disappointed; how can you watch your very own girlfriend suffer in a low paying job (GHC 1000) in a media firm and instead, walk past her to secure her relative a GHC 4,500 monthly job in a bank? How is this even sensible? I made no issues out of that though, I just let it slide without making mountains out of it.

I urgently needed a financial bailout one weekend and called on Peter to help me out with some GHC 500 to which he agreed and assured that it was not a problem. I waited for over three (3) hours when I received a mobile money alert on my phone. With all gladness in my heart I opened up the message only to see GHC 100 in my account; I called Peter out of frustration to enquire about the amount and here’s is what he had to say “aye why? Kindly stop talking like you hold the keys to my bank account because you don’t. I have nothing more to give you,” and without allowing me to even say a word, the line dropped dead.

A whole week went by without hearing a word of apology from Peter, as a matter of fact, he just didn’t see the need to. The story got clearer one day when my cousin paid a courtesy call on my parents; she came to my room like she always did and engaged me in a long conversation about the challenges at her work place. She mistakenly left her phone (which had no password) beside me and dashed to the washroom… JESUS IS KING! Hmmm like a trap, I saw Peter’s call coming through I answered the call and lo and behold! He said “baby, did you receive the money I sent you?” I quickly hanged up and went straight to her text messages only to see “GHC 2000 received from Peter Alidu.” I nearly died. He called back again for confirmation, “babe, would that be enough to get the clothes you wanted?” then I responded, “yes I’m sure it would… this is Suzzy. Jessy is in the washroom now so I’ll have her call you immediately. Thank you” Peter upon realizing what was amiss, quickly called my phone to “check on me.”

Men! My cousin came out took her phone and kissed me goodbye. A real life Judas indeed…. I pretended like nothing happened and cut them off quickly and quietly. How could my very own cousin do this to me? It’s been a month and I haven’t set eyes on neither her nor the traitor I called my Fiancé.

What can I possibly do now? How do I move on?

I need help because I’m shattered.

Hi Suzzy,

I can imagine the pain you’re going through but I am certainly glad that the truth revealed itself right before your eyes before your D-day. To bear the pain of being betrayed by the one you love and a relative is something unimaginable. I’d advise that you seek spiritual and emotional counselling immediately to prevent you from entering into any stage of mental depression. Forgive your cousin and let go off the bitterness you feel towards Peter; he is not worth your tears and anger. You simply chose the wrong guy who never even respected nor genuinely loved you in the first place and from all angles, it’s quite clear that you never took the time to know him and his preferred taste in women (you’re just too decent for him). Bare out your deepest feelings to God in secrecy and you’ll be amazed at what He will do to your situation. I will be communicating and praying with you frequently. Vengeance is the Lord’s.

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