We toil day and night. Accra stay by plan. Enjoying grace day to day. Kindling the midnight candle, to bring day dreams to life. The day man will slack, that night the ceiling man will count. Some grind by day and others by night yet still some by day and night. The goal is one and same. Daily bread to attain.

The days are numbered. Day 1 to day 7. The days are fixed. Sunday through Saturday. But man hopes to seize the day and wrestle from its jaws the opportunities therein. The days are running, it looks like a marathon but feels more of a sprint. We play catch up, we catch colds sometimes but still hope for a good catch.

One day the daydreams will come alive and the night dreams become peaceful and less nightmarish. Until that day comes, we work day and night enjoying grace day by day. A day will come when we get our rest. We will rest in peace and rot in one piece. Cos from dust we came and to dust we go.

The days are numbered and they come with numbness. Our spirit will leave us and we stop being mortals and start the journey of immortality. The date you won’t know but today you can grace. We won’t graze on grass cos of grace God grants us.

We toil day and night. Enjoying grace day by day. The goal one and same. Daily break to attain. But by bread alone man shall not live.


By Makafui Awuku

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